Thursday, April 9, 2009

Six Months, Schedules, Sippy Cups and Sister

WHAT A DAY!!! We all have allergies...Ginny has had them the worst! AND, to top it off there are horrible fires here in the DFW so that is really getting to the kids eyes, nose and throat. We went to the doctor today and had Reese's 6 month check up! He is looking GREAT!!!
Here is the breakdown:
Weight: 17 lbs 12 ounces (50-75 percentile)
Height: 26.3 inches (50-75 percentile)
Head: 17.5 inches (75-90 percentile)...he is really smart, i guess :)
The doctor and I talked about solid foods and what we can introduce. Reese has been on Rice Cereal along with applesauce and bananas since he was four months but now we are adding more of a variety. Tonight, he had rice cereal with a vegetable medley...yummy! This is our new schedule...I am happy to say that he is finally understanding when it is time to nap, nurse, play and eat! This is the best age! (although i say that at every age)
7:00-7:30- Nurse in my bed while I watch the TODAY SHOW
8:00-9:00- Round up the kiddos and get breakfast!!
Ginny- Oatmeal and Chocolate Milk
Reese- Rice Cereal and Bananas
9:00-10:00- The kids play and watch Baby Einstein
NOTE: Ginny doesnt like to do half the things her little brother much of this time is spent in TIME OUT for acting out or she is upstairs playing BARBIES or doing Mommy's hair and makeup) haha!
10:00- NURSE AND NAP (obviously, just Reese)
12:00- LUNCHTIME!!!
Ginny-whatever I fix her
Reese- a VEGGIE and a FRUIT
12:30-2:30ish- PLAYTIME, PARK, MALL, PLAYDATES...whatever is in store!!!
4:30-NURSE REESE and play with Daddy since he is normally home by this time
5:30-6ish- DINNERTIME!
Ginny, Allen and I- whatever I have prepared
Reese- Rice Cereal and Veggies
6:30ish- FAMILY TIME!!
7ish- BATH TIME!!! The kids enjoy this time so much!
7:30-NURSE REESE and put to bed.
8:30- Ginny off to bed.
and 4:00am- Reese wakes up to nurse.
OK...I have a lot of "ish" in that schedule because we are always on the go and we dont set to any schedule. Some nights with MonaVie the kids have to be troupers and hang with us! This is very tentative and what we STRIVE to aim for! Yes, Reese still has a night feeding. I have come to the conclusion that he will need this feeding and that I am not going to fight it! I am sure it is just for comfort and to have a reason to get in bed with Mommy and Daddy because once he is in bed with us at 4am he stays there...I nurse laying down...a task that I pride myself! haha! I ENVY those whos baby sleeps 10 hours a night...Reese has never done that and never will. I asked the doctor today about it and he basically said, either let him cry it out or go get him. I cannot stand to hear him cry so REESE WINS! We now have Reese down to 6 nursing sessions from the 12 he had before (and I thought I would have NO LIFE!) I LOVE nursing him! I know that is weird...BUT there is no greater time than when it is just us two! I love when he smiles at me, when he stares at me....Nursing was the hardest thing, but the most rewarding thing I have ever done! Plus, now Reese is sooo is sooo convenient!
I cannot believe my baby is SIX MONTHS! They arent lying when they say times goes by so fast! I can remember just being at the hospital holding him SCARED TO DEATH! haha! I remember thinking to myself, "You are too good, more than I deserve" Seriously, when you have that baby all you can think about is "God, WOW, why me....This is the most PRECIOUS GIFT EVER"
I know that God graced us with Ginny to teach us a lesson that I am still in the process of learning and He gave us Reese to show ME how great He truly is. Both children mean the world to me...they teach me about God's love for His Children......and I am blessed!
Sister is my BFF!
I can beat you up, you know!

Ginny cannot believe her brother has his own sippy cup!

Watching Baby Einstein holding his cup, big boy!
So in love with that blue guy on Baby Einstein


Mrs. Ruggiano said...

Aw I liked reading that :) I have a lot to learn! don't even have myself on any type of schedule! Things are changing :)