Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of April

I dont want to even get started about how sad I am that Reese is almost 7 months and Ginny is 3 1/2. I told Gin today that I was going to NEVER EVER make her eat her food so she would SHRINK and NEVER EVER GROW UP! Of course, she ate everything on her plate because Ginny wants to grow up sooo bad and so fast! It kills me.

Reese is doing well. He is that is NOT FUN! I feel like I am dealing with a hungry newborn again! Nothing makes him happy...he just EATS! He wants to nurse all the time for comfort....I have been letting him since I hate seeing him cry. I really dont like this teething business.

Ok folks....I am really really tired! I will leave you with some photos I took after Ginny and Reese's photography session at Solas Gallery today! Decided to play around with my camera. Of course, Ginny didnt want ANY pics taken of her....WORDS OF WISDOM: Take TONS of pics of your kids when they cant say, NO MOM...Ginny is SOOOO BURNED OUT with smiling for the camera!