Friday, January 30, 2009

Port Aransas Beach House

This was our Christmas gift this year....Mom and Dad surprised us with keys to the beach house. Here we are holding them up on Christmas morning!

Looking down from the third floor to the living room

The kitchen

Living Room

Living Room/Kitchen

The Beach House
Third floor sitting area

Tyler, Shannon (ty's girlfriend) and Mom and Dad
Downstairs Bathroom
Upstairs "girls" room

Downstairs Bedroom (AKA Rosenbaum Room)

I thought I would share some pics of our family beach is just too adorable! It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, wrap around balconies and is just simply perfect. My parents have worked extra hard to make it happen and we thank you for that....Many memories will be made at this location and I cant wait to watch my kiddos grow up there! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nutritious junk....

Soooo, I must admit I have never included this item on my grocery list. But, with my ATTEMPT to lose this baby weight I have got to find somethings that I can eat that dont pack on the pounds! PLUS, I never ever had a love for sweets until being pregnant with Reese. Thanks Buddy!
Our new favorite around the house is frozen cut up fruits (IE, strawberries and pineapple) with this tasty delight...FAT FREE Reddi Wip! I think I was deprived as a kid (sorry, Mom) we never had this in our household and BOY, this stuff is sooo fun!!! I dont really know what a "whip it" is...I have only heard of the term. Apparently "whip its" give you a high of some sort (since I attended Temple High School I was around some crazy stuff). I didnt want to give my child a "whip it" and after giving her about 5 mouth fulls of whip cream I asked Allen, "OH NO!!! Am I giving Ginny a WHIP IT?" After concluding that our whip cream game was safe, Ginny and I delighted in this tasty, fun treat. There is nothing more fun than watching Ginny's face as I sprayed this stuff in her mouth...she thought it was so much fun and for a moment, I was the COOLEST mom for letting her do it! Next time you are at the store add this to your list of items...make sure it is fat free makes any dull, diet desert taste GREAT and it is oh so fun!!!
Ok, really, the weather needs to warm up......obviously, we are BORED at home and have NOTHING to do!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, here goes....

I put my selfishness aside and I uttered the hardest words out of my mouth. I explained to Ginny about her "past". Well, it all started out by her letting me know that she looks like daddy and they have the same color eyes. I agreed....but then thought to myself, is this fair to her? What is fair? The truth or sheltering her? I mean, I would want to know my past and the truth and the only fair thing was to explain it to her in a way that made sense. We have been blessed with great birthparents....both have provided Ginny with some great pictures and Kyle has written Ginny some beautiful notes. I got out her scrapbook and explained that she was born in "her tummy, not mine"....Now the moment of truth as my heart literally POUNDED out of my chest...she looked at me and said "I want some chocolate milk". What??? That was it??? I have been so nervous about this and that was the answer she gave me?? Then at bedtime we went through the whole thing again and she was totally content. I tell you what.....that was the hardest yet easiest thing I have ever done. I feel a big weight lifted off my chest. She knows that she only has one Mommy and Daddy and that she was born in our heart and our spirit. She knows that she only has one brother and will have more siblings to come. She knows that our love for her is unexplainable. If it was easy I would have better words to give a three year old about how much I love her. It is almost like today she wanted to reassure me that "the truth" was and is OK...because she is with us, her Mommy and Daddy. She trusts us and knows that we are here for her always and forever and that we could tell her anything and as long as we were there for her...nothing else matters. That is LOVE! What a sweet soul....Please pray for us as many questions will come out of this and pray that we are provided with the "right" answers to comfort her heart!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have my own little maid

Ginny LOVES I let her do the dishes tonight! Well....any smart person would know that when a three year old has more than 5 minutes of silence and running water trouble is being made....and well.....this proves that theory!

BUT, she is so darn cute...the mess doesnt matter....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finding the RIGHT WORDS

This my WORLD!!!

Adoption is tricky! Ginny is one of us and I feel as if she was apart of me at one time. She is starting to ask about "being in my tummy" and "being born". I sit and look at her little face and wonder "how will she take all the details". I want her to feel secure and safe and that is all that matters right now. Ginny is my world. I look at her and just sit there in amazement at how wonderful, sweet and caring she is. She wants the best for everyone and wants everyone to be happy. I dont know what I would do without her. I pray that God provides me the strength to put away my selfishness and help me to find the right way to let her know of her past. She deserves to know everything, the truth....her past has made her into this special being and her past is what makes Ginny, well..Ginny. She is always saying how much she "looks like daddy" I want her to always have that desire to be just like Allen. Ginny is strong, smart and with time this wont even be an issue. I think this whole thing is harder on me right now than her. I just need prayers....I need to know that everything will be just the same as it is right now. She is and always will be my little girl...born of my heart and spirit. God, just give me the strength.....
The first day Ginny came to our house...

Ginny's second birthday party

20 months...In love with makeup already!

Halloween 2007

22 months....

What am I going to do with this boy?


WOW! This is cool, mom!


Granted...I love that he looks at me like I am his world and he coos everytime I smile at him. BUT, this boy doesnt like to sleep and I am getting frustrated. I will say, I get tired of all the books out there about getting your baby to sleep through the night. Honestly, my favorite time with Reese is when everyone is asleep and I have him all to myself, nursing him and looking into his bright blue eyes! I love when he falls asleep with me as well....not a good habit, but boy do I love his snuggles. Last night we had some success.....he went to bed around 9pm, woke up to feed at 1am and then he was up at 6am....I chalk that up for a successful night! Who cares about sleep anymore?? I love watching him grow and I love him at night....he is soooo sweet and his little stares just MELT me!

Reese is LOVING all his toys and he is starting to really take a liking to playtime. Ginny loves watching him as well...she thinks it is so fun that her brother can actually DO something. At first, she was a little over the fact a baby was in the house because he didnt DO, brother wants to pull her hair and to Ginny, that means the world..he is a human in her eyes now! ha!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun at the Beach House

We had a great time with the fam at the beach house. Reese and Ginny enjoyed the cool sand between their toes and we had a blast with my brother's sweet Lab, Emmitt. We are hoping to get one just like him around next fall when Reese will be close to ONE...OH MY GOODNESS, that sounds CRAZY!!

We have had a blast at Gigi's house while Allen is in Orlando for a Sales Meeting. We have enjoyed traveling around seeing friends and family.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye 2008

Well....lets see....
We started our 2008 year off with a memory I will never forget. Ginny's adoption on January 16th! Standing in front of the judge was one of the best days of my life. It was almost like she knew of what was going on. She became a Rosenbaum that day and we are so proud of her!

On January 31st, my 25th birthday, I found out I was pregnant....we were so happy and couldnt believe the great news. On Oct. 7th 2008, the sweetest little boy was born. He has been a true blessing to our little family. I will say, Reese is a demanding little booger! I spoil him ROTTEN and with the beginning of 2009, I am going to work on getting him to sleep in his crib, cry for a bit without running to him. I am sad that he isnt a little infant anymore and sometimes I have to remind myself that it is OK to let him cry. It is my fault, I let him sleep in our bed/in my arms for so long....I have to be a tough momma now.

We had a blast skiing! Ginny was so great on skis! I am so proud of her. She is just like her daddy...she loves to ski and loves to take risks! I am glad that she tries new things without being scared. She is such a strong little girl....she is passionate about every new adventure she does. Reese and I spent most of the time indoors because it was 12 degrees and I didnt want to get him out in the cold weather. It was just more time for me to stare at him and get to know him better.
Reese has found his hands...he LOVES his hands. My favorite time is when he tugs at my nose and face with his little hands. He also loves to "talk". I love his little confidence and when he talks his face lights up like he actually has something important to say. It is the cutest thing!

2009.....It is time to move on from 2008 and start a fresh new year. Our family was blessed in 2008 with TWO, yes TWO new additions to the ROSENBAUMS! We hope to not add to that number this year..haha...BUT, we want everything for our children. I pray that I have patience and understand that it is OK if the house isnt perfect or the laundry isnt done....if I brush my hair and teeth that day, well, chalk it up for a productive day. I want to slow things down, watch my children grow, get on their level and play with them more. I want to give more hugs, more kisses and read more bedtime stories even if that means we are up an hour more.

I love my husband so much. He has a patient heart. Lets just say, Allen went from Frat boy to father REAL FAST! BUT, watching him with his little girl and son is the sweetest thing. I have fallen in love all over again. 2009...I hope that you bring Allen all the success in the so hard, I hope good things come out of all the sales calls/visits. He deserves the world. I think that God has big plans for us this year.....I cannot wait to see what He has in store!