Thursday, May 21, 2009

Restless to Slumber

I have never met a little girl so busy, all the time. She never stops. She sings, she dances, she loves on her brother, plays in her playroom etc etc. That is why I hardly get to take pics of her because she is always so busy! She has the BIGGEST heart but never wants to be cuddle. We will take every chance we get just to hold her because she never wants to be held. So when I saw this I melted. A girl has got to get her beauty rest and what better place to do so than with her daddy......

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dont you want to SQUEEZE these BUNS!!!

He is going to kill me when he is 16!!!

Week One (Bachelorette)

Ok...Julian has some great picks! I wanted to share my favorites and not-so-much favorites. I ALWAYS pick the right people..every season! It is here goes! I like Julian a lot and I am here to give her guidance through this whole process since I KNOW she checks out my blog daily!!! j/k :) (Thanks Jessica for the idea!)
Lindsay's Favorites

Ok, he is just flat out adorable and he is a Texas boy...he seems very normal and I think he will be on his way to the final 3!
I like him too...very normal (so far) and is great at conversation. He just "has the look"...if you know what I mean! I def. think he will be in the final 3.
Ok girls, I dont care what you say but there is always something about the "first impression rose". I think David kind of creeped me out when he "lost his words" BUT, I think he is going to be a good match for Julian (like I know her personally, right..haha)

I am just putting him here because any guy that could sing/play guitar to a written country song gets some points!! I like that these Texas boys are rockin the show! YEEHAW!
He would be someone I totally would have dated. UNIQUE, can dance, has a creative side..i like that!!! Plus, he has a great sense of humor!

Nothing special, he seems to be a safe bet though!

Lindsay's NOT-SO-MUCH Favorites
Sorry dude, couldnt marry a guy with the same name...that is weird, so you are out!

I dont know...I just dont like his name either..haha! I think that he is too tall for her too!

He reminds me of every guy I dated in high school/college and that freaks me out! I mean, I love personal trainers to train me...not to date. No thank you! I dont want to be reminded of all the bad things I eat and my physical activity level on a daily basis!
I am not into the whole "speak another language". I like my men sporty, manly, Native and local. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This was Ginny tonight.

I cut up a watermelon and she came in the kitchen and asked if she could sing me a song about watermelon. I grabbed my camera and this was her song....haha! I love her so much, for these funny moments! There is something so wonderful about a three year old...their imaginations are endless and she brings light to my world!

(sorry so was 8pm)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cason Scott Ray

Welcome to the World!

Cason Scott Ray

May 11, 2009

8 pounds 1 ounce
20.5 inches

What a precious boy! I was only there for a short time today...but I can already tell that he loves it outside of his mommy's tummy. I am sure Kristen was wondering if Cason was ever going to make his debut...with the help of pitocin...he did!! His sweet Daddy, Scott, was a success when changing his black tar dirty diaper..(ok really, I wish Reese pooped that small these days instead of BLOW OUT CITY) Kristen looks amazing!! She was getting all fixed up and freshening up for the day ahead. They are going to be great parents and I cannot wait to see Scott and Allen with their boys are sporting events and the golf course. God is Good!!! I am so happy for them and all that lies ahead with that sweet little boy!!! CONGRATS GUYS!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

All I wanted for Mothers Day was to sleep and get caught up with household chores. Haha! Seriously, I didnt want to leave the house. So...where are my kids now? With Daddy, at the park...and I am LOVING the silence in the air. Two kids bring a whole new dynamic to my world. I never ever get any peace and quiet since they never time out just right with their naps. I love my kids, adore them...But I would be lying if I said that I didnt like to have some peace and quiet. So...I napped! It was great!

I spent the day loving on my family in bed, watching Lady and the Tramp, then we cleaned and did laundry (or atleast Allen did) and then we fixed a family lunch together. Tonight we plan on getting ICE CREAM from Marble Slab. I dont want to step foot in the kitchen and I want something sweet so ice cream for dinner it is....I am def. the favorite mommy tonight! ICE CREAM FOR DINNER! YUMMMMM......

I love my kids, I love my husband and love my life. I became a Mommy of TWO in a years time. I remember going over to the Webbers house 2 years ago to see Ginny. She gave me the sweetest frame with our picture in it. It sits next to her bed and I cannot believe how much she has grown from the picture. It was at the end of this month, 2 years ago that her birthmom approached Allen and I about becoming her Mommy and Daddy. May is a special month for me because of that reason. to nap, or take a bath or something......Enjoying this peace and quiet. :)

Happy Mother's Day to all my Mommies!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maverick Sheppard Garrett

Welcome to the World!

Maverick Sheppard Garrett
6lbs 10 ounces
May 7, 2009

Seriously...God is GOOD! Another one of Reese's friends was born today! April and Justin Garrett are the proud parents of a special little boy! He is PRECIOUS! I could have put him in my purse and take him home. There is something about sweet newborn sounds and newborn smells and newborn skin that is so amazing! I could have starred at him all day! And I cannot believe Reese was a whole pound larger than him! I guess I will just have big babies! April and Justin, Congrats! We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait to watch the boys grow up to be buds!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reese loves to clap

With the encouragement from sister....Reese is now a clapper!!! :)

Rangers Game

SO, we got on our matching Kinsler shirts and off we went. The kids did GREAT!!! Reese fell asleep and Ginny screamed the whole time, "If you cant do it, no one can"....OVER AND OVER! It was too funny. Everyone around us was cracking up! We had a fun family outing though! :)


All of Ginny's aunts and uncles (my siblings, Brooks and Tyler, Shannon (tys gf) and sister Paige)

Dont ask me how to play, dont ask me any questions.....

Just go get it! Best Kid game ever!!

The adults enjoyed it...can you tell?!??!