Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

The decorations are starting to emerge!
I spied on my kids and captured this moment!
Good Morning Sunshine!!!
Todays gonna be a GOOD DAY!!!
My little firecracker!!!

What a day. We woke up to SNOW!!!! My kids were sooo confused. Ginny asked over and over about "when do we open presents", Reese didnt want to touch it, look at it...nada! Ginny thought snow meant Christmas Day and Reese thought snow meant it was the end of the world as we know it! He acted strange all day! So....The Rosenbaums (minus Daddy, of course) stayed in our jammies all day!!! Ginny LOVED the idea! We jumped on beds, made hot chocolate, acted goofy and just enjoyed the simple things! I have been super busy so this was a good change! This photography gig has me busy family comes first! Even though my children are SICK of the camera....I whipped it out for some fun pics!! I even spied on my kiddos to see them loving on each other! This is why I do what I do....I love taking pics solely because I have two angels that are constantly reminding me of why I love being a parent. They are sooo different.....Reese is ATTACHED, loves to be held at all times, wants Mommy, wants attention....Ginny is my INDEPENDENT CHICA...she wants to do EVERYTHING on her own...she fills her sippy cup with water, gets her own strawberries out of the fridge...if I left my keys laying around I would not DOUBT that she could drive! (OK, going a little far) They might be sooo different BUT, they LOVE EACH OTHER sooooo much!! You know that feeling when you fall in love or when you meet your baby for the first time or when you said, "I Do"....yeah....I get that feeling deep deep down in my heart (the feeling of it melting or this overwhelming calmess) everyday when I see these two give kisses and hugs!
So...December....we welcome you with open arms!!