Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ginny and Reese's Birthday

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, we threw a party in Temple for the kids. I cannot believe how great it turned out! Great laughs, gifts, pictures, cards, FOOD!!, decor and it goes on and on! My parents are the best...thank you for loving your grandkids SOOO means the world to Allen and I! Here are pics from the big celebration! I cannot believe Ginny will be FOUR and Reese will be ONE!! WOW!
*** Check out the rest of the pics on my facebook account***

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

Since the day I met Ginny, Dancing with the Stars was her FAVORITE show. She was 16 months and would dance all night while the show was on. we are almost 4 years old....she runs and gets her dress, makeup and hair all done up and dances the night away. But, WAIT...this year is different...more grand than the year before. She has a dance partner, Reese! Of course, she wanted him in a dance "costume". I didnt have a costume for him....I looked everywhere! Then, I realized that a scarf would do. She wanted him to look like a here you have it ladies and gentlemen....Reese (Yes, it is a girls name) Rosenbaum!!!

Then, Daddy and Ginny took the stage. What a fabulous Daddy!!! He loves dancing with his little princess. Is it pathetic that I already think about the first dance at her wedding while watching this??!?!?! I love her more than words.................................................

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Swine Flu

Allen has Swine Flu...I am in Temple trying to keep the kids FAR away from him. Not much to say....Pray for him!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time with a 4 year old and almost 1 year old...I have NO TIME to blog!! It used to be sooo easy before when Reese took 3 naps a day, didnt walk, didnt eat solids, didnt didnt didnt! It gets hard each day to have time for ME...BUT, I wouldnt change it for the WORLD!


Ginny started her first day at Sonshine Academy! Her teacher in Mrs. Helm and she has some of the same kids that were in her class last year so that is great for her! I cried my eyes out when she walked through that door...BUT, she did BEAUTIFULLY...more pics to come tonight!


2 weeks ago...Reese started walking! On Aug. 26th to be exact! It was a HUGE surprise! He walks all the time now and I cant keep up! He is always on the go, getting into EVERYTHING! I know I should BABYPROOF more...but I am weird about having latches and gates at every turn in my I just chase him everywhere! I am starting to wean Reese...only nursing him twice a day! It is sooooo hard to let go of that "attachment" that we have...BUT, I need to do this for him since he is getting older and well..GETTING MORE TEETH! OUCH!

Here is a video of our walker now...this was taped on Aug 26th...NOW, he is walking all over the place, no falls!!