Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

The decorations are starting to emerge!
I spied on my kids and captured this moment!
Good Morning Sunshine!!!
Todays gonna be a GOOD DAY!!!
My little firecracker!!!

What a day. We woke up to SNOW!!!! My kids were sooo confused. Ginny asked over and over about "when do we open presents", Reese didnt want to touch it, look at it...nada! Ginny thought snow meant Christmas Day and Reese thought snow meant it was the end of the world as we know it! He acted strange all day! So....The Rosenbaums (minus Daddy, of course) stayed in our jammies all day!!! Ginny LOVED the idea! We jumped on beds, made hot chocolate, acted goofy and just enjoyed the simple things! I have been super busy so this was a good change! This photography gig has me busy family comes first! Even though my children are SICK of the camera....I whipped it out for some fun pics!! I even spied on my kiddos to see them loving on each other! This is why I do what I do....I love taking pics solely because I have two angels that are constantly reminding me of why I love being a parent. They are sooo different.....Reese is ATTACHED, loves to be held at all times, wants Mommy, wants attention....Ginny is my INDEPENDENT CHICA...she wants to do EVERYTHING on her own...she fills her sippy cup with water, gets her own strawberries out of the fridge...if I left my keys laying around I would not DOUBT that she could drive! (OK, going a little far) They might be sooo different BUT, they LOVE EACH OTHER sooooo much!! You know that feeling when you fall in love or when you meet your baby for the first time or when you said, "I Do"....yeah....I get that feeling deep deep down in my heart (the feeling of it melting or this overwhelming calmess) everyday when I see these two give kisses and hugs!
So...December....we welcome you with open arms!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jenna Mae

This girl is the cutest little thing ever! She looks sooo much like her mama but has the personality of her daddy. I have known her parents for quite some time and they are both amazing people. I am not going to lie....when I started doing some photography I kept thinking how fun it would be to start on Miss Jenna Mae. She seriously made me look like a pro. I also called Allen right after this shoot and whined about how I wanted another baby girl!! Love you Armstrongs!

Bless and David Stennis

These are DEAR friends of mine. Bless and I met in college and I love this girl! She was a reader in my wedding and we have shared many fond memories! This girl has a heart of gold and her husband shares the same quality. I am blessed to have BLESS in my life. THank you Stennis family for letting me capture your first Christmas pics!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Brotherly Love.

I cute is this?!?!

I am NOT.GOING.TO.LIE......this session scared me a little when their Mommy, Leslie, let me know that they were the ages of 26 months and 3 months. All I could think about was my little munchkins cant sit still......How am I going to get these two to look at the camera. Boy, was I wrong....they were PERFECT!!! Trent was a sweet big brother to his younger brother Trevor and I seriously think this is the cutest brother duo I have ever seen!!!! It reassures my little mind that I definitely want Reese to have a brother....I just know Trevor and Trent will be the best of friends. I cannot get over how adorable these little boys are and how great they were during the shoot. Thank you Leslie and Allen for sharing your sons with me!!!

Hugable Hunter!

OK....I could eat this sweet boy with a spoon! He is the most LOVABLE little boy...such a poser too! LOVED the camera! I love the little rolls, the beginnings of sweet smile and eye contact. Hunter followed me where ever I went with his eyes! He is definitely a model baby! The Morris' are great family friends of ours so I knew they would let me snatch him for an afternoon session to practice. I mean, doesnt get any better than this friends......

Sweet Little Lilly

OHHH BABY!!! Little Lilly Kummerfeld is one of the most angelic little babies I have ever seen! I had some lighting issues with my camera BUT I still got some great images! I would LOVE to have the opportunity to practice on this sweet little face as she grows! Katy, her sweet Mommy, is such a sweet friend and welcomed me into her home...TWICE! I must admit that I kind of got that baby fever going could you not....she is the PERFECT baby! I never ever saw her cry! Katy and David...yall are BLESSED! THank you for sharing her with me......I learned ALOT from this session....I cannot wait to capture this little one in action as she gets older. What a sweet Little Lilly!

LOVIN this 6 week old SMILE!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Busy!

Well Friends.... This thing is taken off whether I want it to or not! ha! I am having a blast taking pics and tomorrow I get to capture little miss Lilly Kummerfeld AGAIN....I had some over exposed photos so we are going to attempt this again. I am bare with me as I try new things. Thanks to Katy and Lilly...they are soooo easy to work with when I called to see if I could take some more she was more than excited about it. That always helps when you have friends that welcome you in their home...Thank you Katy....I am really having a blast with this and you make it sooo fun! Plus, Miss Lilly is the perfect model.... OR it may be that I just love getting my hands on this little baby girl to help cure my baby fever that I have once a month. I cannot wait to proof her photos and get them to her.....thank you Katy for being a patient friend!

I also have a new client whom I have never met AND I also get to capture Mr. Hunter Morris! He is a wee one and his Grandmother, Sharon Morris, is one of my moms closest friends! So...this will be ALOT of fun for me tomorrow!

THEN....this weekend, Allen and I (NO KIDS) are headed to Norman, OK to see the Aggies play OU! I am very excited about this fun trip with Jim and Diane Webber! I have not left Reese for a whole weekend yet so this is going to be very strange to leave the kiddos behind in Temple...BUT, it will be good for Allen and I to have a weekend AWAY full of adult conversations, adult scenerios and of course, some adult beverages...I am sure! So....sorry Dora the Explorer, Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming.....this Mommy is NickJr-less for a couple of days! PRAISE THE LORD!!

Here are some pics from the beginning of the week that I thought I would include on here! Of course I was hoping to post pics of Miss Lilly but I want to have her photoshoot complete before I do so!

Thank you family and friends for all the kind words and support with this new is a challenge and I learn something new everyday! We will see where this takes me, I guess!

Monday, November 9, 2009


As you can see......I am using this blog to promote my photography stuff. Since I have NO TIME to update two blogs I must include both my personal life and photo life on here! :) Once I get going and build up my portfolio I will have a website up and running. I am excited that I bought a domain name.... I have A LOT to learn in this crazy business so be patient with me. Until then, I am having fun learning all there is to know about photography!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

RosieToes Photography

Pray for Stellan!

I know most of yall follow ....but if you dont, check it out, read MckMamas last post and pray for Stellan. I have followed them before Reese and Stellan were even born. I cannot even imagine what this family is going through now. My heart aches but like she states...God has a plan and it is GOOD! Tonight or tomorrow morning is the big day....... I cannot believe it is finally here!!!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween friends!

What a FUN night! Reese was a little overstimulated and Ginny wants Halloween to occur every night! I saw Ginny's true colors when she went around to trick or treat, came back to the house and GAVE AWAY HER CANDY! She has such a sweet heart! She said that "all the kids needed the candy more than her". LOVE HER! Overall, it was a great night. Reese kept in costume longer than I expected and Ginny wishes she could be a fairy FOREVER! I love watching these little imaginations!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sooo... I have this new hobby.....

I have always LOVED taking pictures....BUT, now that I have the right equipment I am having the time of my life capturing my kids! I took these photos in about 10 minutes in Ginny's room!! Cannot wait to take more!!!