Monday, November 16, 2009

Brotherly Love.

I cute is this?!?!

I am NOT.GOING.TO.LIE......this session scared me a little when their Mommy, Leslie, let me know that they were the ages of 26 months and 3 months. All I could think about was my little munchkins cant sit still......How am I going to get these two to look at the camera. Boy, was I wrong....they were PERFECT!!! Trent was a sweet big brother to his younger brother Trevor and I seriously think this is the cutest brother duo I have ever seen!!!! It reassures my little mind that I definitely want Reese to have a brother....I just know Trevor and Trent will be the best of friends. I cannot get over how adorable these little boys are and how great they were during the shoot. Thank you Leslie and Allen for sharing your sons with me!!!