Monday, March 21, 2011

She is a week old!

I cannot believe how fast this week has gone. We are so in love with this sweet girl...she is a angel baby! I have heard her cry maybe 5 times. She loves to eat and I think that we are on a good track with nursing. So poops after every feed and in the middle of diaper changes. I think the other day I counted 12 poops in one day. It is funny how mommy's attribute a good day to good poops! With Reese I had supply issues and with Finley I have overproduction issues. I guess they are right when they say, "a fed baby equals a happy baby". She is so content all the time, it is wonderful! I think I may keep her around! :)
She now eats every 2.5-3 hours and a night I get a 4 hour stretch. YAY! We have had to change her TONS due to massive blowouts....let the fun, girly, dressing begin! I am glad I have an excuse to change my sweet girl all throughout the day! So FUN!

Friday, March 18, 2011

She is HERE!

We had planned for her to be induced on March 15th. Well, God and my doctor had other plans. Since EVERYONE and their dog was planning on being induced on the 15th, Dr. Westmoreland thought it would work out best if I went ahead and did it on March 14th. I went in to her office, she stripped my membranes- OUCH!, and then I was to come back up to Labor and Delivery around 2:30pm to get the process started.
We checked in and found out that Dr. W hooked us up and got us the V.I.P. room! The biggest room they had. We got to stay there the whole time after delivery as well. It was HEAVEN! They started my IV around 3:30PM and then the pitocin was given to me FULL FORCE at 4:30pm. I felt contractions until I was about a 4.5-5cm and BOY that was NOT FUN AT ALL! My nurse was very slow and didnt call the epidural in when I asked for it....UGH! As soon as the anesthesiologist walked in I heard angels singing and bright light
....I just knew I was going to be in heaven soon! I went from a 5cm to 8cm in about 2 hours.....Finley wanted OUT! I was able to watched the finale of the Bachelor and I was feeling good! We went ahead and started me on some Zofran since I was getting very nauseated....I think it was heartburn, nerves, etc but they went ahead and added it to my drip. Dr. Westmoreland came in about 15 minutes after my nurse checked me to be an 8 and in 15 minutes I was ready to have that baby! I went from an 8 to a 10 in 15 minutes. I could feel Finley moving down the birth was the oddest feeling. She was wanting to see the world and didnt waste time. I pushed TWICE and the nurse asked for me to stop so she could "rally the troops"....I was ready to have this baby. Dr. Westmoreland arrives and two pushes later I delivered the sweetest little baby girl! She was so tiny,
6 pounds, 12 ounces and 19 inches long. Her head was NO WHERE NEAR as big as Reese's and her body frame is totally different and petite! It was a BREEZE of a labor and I am blessed with a happy baby. She never ever fact, she cried 5 minutes when she was born and that is about it! She eats great! Breastfeeds like a champ and we are a great team. My milk came in on Day we have been stuffing that little girls face. She poops like a mad man. The first day of life she went 8 times and I have yet to change a diaper that was just teetee. She is my little poop machine and I LOVE HER!

Friday, March 4, 2011


In a week or less we will have a new baby......and Reese decides TODAY, NO MORE DIAPERS! He took his off behind the couch, grabbed his little potty and only had one little accident all day! Friends, this means 10 teetees and 2 poops in the potty!! WOW! He would run to the potty and go...we really didn't have to remind him. The poops scared him a little as he is used to hiding and being able to go. Now, he has all of us watching him in excitement! :) He wore just a shirt today, no underwear....we let the boy "air it out" all day! Allen took the kids to the park and of course dressed him in Elmo underwear and shorts...NO ACCIDENT!! I am so proud of my little guy. I wasnt planning to do this potty training thing a WEEK before a baby but what do you do...tell him, I am sorry but we are going to MAKE you wear diapers?? Tomorrow is day TWO and thank heavens Daddy is home to help! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In a week...

Well, it looks like Dr. Westmoreland wants Miss Finley to make her arrival next week sometime. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to check her size and then we will go from there. I was originally scheduled for induction day of March 15th but due to my fourth degree tearing that I had with Reese she wants to try to avoid this happening again. So- C Section is a possibility and to be honest, I am nervous about having one. Maybe it is because all I have ever known is vaginal since that is what I had with Reese. I think on Tuesday she will make it clear to me what the best route should be. My mom is able to help out for quite some time so that is WONDERFUL!!! I have large-headed babies....Finley's noggin was measuring at 38 weeks about 3 weeks ago. YIKES!!! Please keep everyone in your prayers as we decide the best way to get this girl out! I am nervous.........I cannot believe next week I will have THREE KIDDOS!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

37 weeks of pure belly!!