Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of April

I dont want to even get started about how sad I am that Reese is almost 7 months and Ginny is 3 1/2. I told Gin today that I was going to NEVER EVER make her eat her food so she would SHRINK and NEVER EVER GROW UP! Of course, she ate everything on her plate because Ginny wants to grow up sooo bad and so fast! It kills me.

Reese is doing well. He is that is NOT FUN! I feel like I am dealing with a hungry newborn again! Nothing makes him happy...he just EATS! He wants to nurse all the time for comfort....I have been letting him since I hate seeing him cry. I really dont like this teething business.

Ok folks....I am really really tired! I will leave you with some photos I took after Ginny and Reese's photography session at Solas Gallery today! Decided to play around with my camera. Of course, Ginny didnt want ANY pics taken of her....WORDS OF WISDOM: Take TONS of pics of your kids when they cant say, NO MOM...Ginny is SOOOO BURNED OUT with smiling for the camera!

Beach House fun!

I dont have time to type...I am sooo tired...BUT, here are some pics from the beach house a couple of weekends ago!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


THE "Senior Citizens"...what we were called that night.

Sweet Girls, Candie and Mysti

This past weekend my brother, Tyler, dunked his Aggie Ring! I remember like it was yesterday the day I dunked mine... (I might add in 47 seconds) :) Anyway, what a great time we had! It was so fun seeing Candie and Mysti! They were there supporting Rusten along with all the others. The college kiddos kept making fun of us OLD FOLKS calling us Senior Citizens! haha! What a great time...I miss Aggieland. I also got to visit with one of the GREATEST friends ever...Jennifer Scarmardo. She just puts a big smile on my face every time I get to see her!

My little helper

We had a great time last night with Sarah, Kiley and Krosby (who turns one in 3 days...cannot believe it) Anyway, I am always asking Sarah about advice on what and when to feed baby things since she has been there done that. See, I can do toddler and newborn but all this in between stuff is new for me. Ginny came into our lives at 15 anything from 6 months to 15 months..I have no clue. Anyway, Reese now takes SNACKS! The gerber pickup snacks! He loves them and it give me time to get dinner ready while he munches on them for a while.

Thank goodness for Ginny when I need her...she will entertain Reese while I shower, clean and get things done around the house. She wants to help anyway she can...but I rarely let her deal with the monster when it comes to food. See...Reese is a PIG. He will down a whole jar of baby food in minutes. His new favorite food is Sweet Potatoes with Corn. He could eat that all day long. Tonight, I needed her assistance and thought....she can do it! So....she fed her brother. I turn around to this....

All you can do is laugh!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Like I have time to do this!!


During the kids nap time (which is usually around 3pm, for ELLEN! :) ) I make these! I mean, come on....a momma has to change a diaper in style, right?!?! It is a fun new hobby, I am hoping to pick up on many more during the kids naptime since cleaning the house or doing what I should be doing like laundry, dinner, playroom pickup is the last thing I want to do these days!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Rangers vs. Astros

I am an Astros fan. Always have been, always will!
Allen-he is a HUGE rangers fan. I mean, watches every game...never misses it!

The other day..Allen attended a Rangers game for the first time this season. Bless his heart, he brings home shirts for ALL OF US to sport at the Rangers games when we go. (Thanks to Courtney for a WONDERFUL 20% off discount) So, I said thanks and hung up all the shirts in closets thinking "he has got to be CRAZY thinking I will wear this OR put my kids in them." did it! I put Reese in his Kinsler jersey. NOT because I like the Rangers now..only because I think Kinsler is a cutie and well, I think my son is as well. But you know, Reese looks good in red and so does Ginny and Allen. I guess we can sport the shirts from time to time. It is all about fashion, right?? BUT, I guarentee the day the Astros come to town my kids will be sporting Astro jerseys all weekend LONG!!
This is for you Allen!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is RISEN!

WOW, its Easter...already! We had a great weekend! We went to the Dallas Arboretum for some Easter fun and then attended a GREAT church service at our church, Preston Trail Community Church! to what I really want to talk about-


My mom and I used to sing to "Seek Ye First" all the time. I never really got the verse until now. Our sermon was on how God blesses us once we have fully seeked and found His Kingdom. God will provide and bless us once we have found Him. How cool is that?? We sin and sin and sin and yet He still wants to provide for His sons and daughters! WOW! I think that God and I have had a "in and out" relationship in the past...of course, He was always was me not wanting that deep friendship. I now, trust in Him and you know what, life is GOOD! I have a wonderful husband, two amazing children and I am BLESSED! I used to suffer from panic attacks and now that I have put my trust in God....I no longer experience these! He takes care of me and I can truly say that I trust Him in all that I do!

So what am I trying to get at??

We are HUMAN, we cant do everything on our own. We need God and that relationship. Try it out...I am telling you...once you give up on trying to do everything yourself...God will reward you and show love in the greatest of ways! I have living family!

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

Friday, April 10, 2009

We have a BLONDIE!

After all the long hours of nursing and cuddling he better be just like his MAMA!! Better yet, his first word better be MAMA or we are going to have some issues!
We had dark hair, TONS in the back. Thought it was going to be dark brown like his daddy.
(Excuse the crossed- eyes)

(3 days old)

My sweet bumblebee!

Sometimes the baby steals all the attention...but not in this household..that would be GINNY!

Excited for all my PREGO FRIENDS!

Babies, Babies EVERYWHERE!

I have almost 10 GF's that are pregnant..10, that is soo awesome! I have enjoyed sharing my labor do's and donts with some of them and tonight, I came across the pictures that really symbolized the whole week!! Labor is soooo cool, a crazy kind of cool. So crazy that drugs need to be administered! ha!

These are only my opinions...hope this helps.

YES! It was not painful at all. You are in the middle of a contraction anyway and the thought of a needle doesnt cross your mind. They deaden the area first which requires a little prick, not painful. Then you feel some pressure in your back and then it is DONE! You can lay back and enjoy the whole labor experience! Lets just say I had a mini crush on my anesthesiologist for doing such a great job! ha.....Natural Moms, you are AWESOME I applaud you! One contraction and I was done! Being induced, I had the liberty to request what pain I wanted to feel and that was NONE!

Yes! I was CUT. Reese was stuck in the birth canal and 60...yes 60 stitches later we arrived. Basically, I call it a C-section of the vagina (I know that is horrible to say, but very true) haha! I would rather not dwell on this answer because lets just say it was well...BAD!!!

Pretend you are in the most EXTREME ab class of you life and GO FOR IT! That is what I did....2 hours of pushing! It was NUTS! Then, after this extreme AB workout I rewarded myself with a BIG bowl of pasta in the post pardum room.

I had it and I had it BAD!!! I never want to go back on these days. During those 3 days in the hospital I didnt want to hold him, nurse him etc...but I did...since that was what I was SUPPOSED to do. I felt so detached from Reese it was scary. I thought I was so alone and no one understood until I spoke out to doctors and nurses. Postpardum is real! Let you body express itself....let the hormones settle. After some meds and some love and support everything was great...and I cannot put that little booger down!!

Dr. Wells was so calm and collected. Reese made his way out and this was his first pic...bloody and nasty!
I could not wait for Ginny to meet him!

You know that "I dont deserve you" comment I made earlier....this was that moment!

Daddy and his BOY!

10 pounds later....

Does this swing make me look FAT???

This is 10 pounds heavier!!! Haha...this boy knows how to eat!!


OK...So i cannot claim that we are sleeping through the night BUT Reese slept 9.5 hours last night! Waking up at 6:00am, not 4:00am to feed and listen to this...HE WENT BACK TO BED UNTIL 7:30am to give Mommy an extra snooze. Thank you Reese for that!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Reese,


What a sweet little man you are. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you already. You think the world of your sister and she thinks the world of you. We are all madly in love with you and love your kissable checks and those BRIGHT BLUE EYES! We are now complete with you here, in our home. From the day you were born all I wanted was for you to know Jesus and for you to be a Man of God! You have the sweetest spirit, never do you hear a gaze up at us like you are longing to know more. I have never known a baby to have such a patient and sweet heart. You always wake up happy and smiling and you go to bed just the same. We love you very much...I pray that God molds you into a man just like your Daddy. Watch him and learn what it means to be a Godly man and to be a man of intregrity and strength.
I love you,