Friday, April 10, 2009

Excited for all my PREGO FRIENDS!

Babies, Babies EVERYWHERE!

I have almost 10 GF's that are pregnant..10, that is soo awesome! I have enjoyed sharing my labor do's and donts with some of them and tonight, I came across the pictures that really symbolized the whole week!! Labor is soooo cool, a crazy kind of cool. So crazy that drugs need to be administered! ha!

These are only my opinions...hope this helps.

YES! It was not painful at all. You are in the middle of a contraction anyway and the thought of a needle doesnt cross your mind. They deaden the area first which requires a little prick, not painful. Then you feel some pressure in your back and then it is DONE! You can lay back and enjoy the whole labor experience! Lets just say I had a mini crush on my anesthesiologist for doing such a great job! ha.....Natural Moms, you are AWESOME I applaud you! One contraction and I was done! Being induced, I had the liberty to request what pain I wanted to feel and that was NONE!

Yes! I was CUT. Reese was stuck in the birth canal and 60...yes 60 stitches later we arrived. Basically, I call it a C-section of the vagina (I know that is horrible to say, but very true) haha! I would rather not dwell on this answer because lets just say it was well...BAD!!!

Pretend you are in the most EXTREME ab class of you life and GO FOR IT! That is what I did....2 hours of pushing! It was NUTS! Then, after this extreme AB workout I rewarded myself with a BIG bowl of pasta in the post pardum room.

I had it and I had it BAD!!! I never want to go back on these days. During those 3 days in the hospital I didnt want to hold him, nurse him etc...but I did...since that was what I was SUPPOSED to do. I felt so detached from Reese it was scary. I thought I was so alone and no one understood until I spoke out to doctors and nurses. Postpardum is real! Let you body express itself....let the hormones settle. After some meds and some love and support everything was great...and I cannot put that little booger down!!

Dr. Wells was so calm and collected. Reese made his way out and this was his first pic...bloody and nasty!
I could not wait for Ginny to meet him!

You know that "I dont deserve you" comment I made earlier....this was that moment!

Daddy and his BOY!


Kristen Ray said...

This was great info! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

You are so cute! I love reading your posts!! You have such a beautiful family!!