Monday, April 13, 2009

Rangers vs. Astros

I am an Astros fan. Always have been, always will!
Allen-he is a HUGE rangers fan. I mean, watches every game...never misses it!

The other day..Allen attended a Rangers game for the first time this season. Bless his heart, he brings home shirts for ALL OF US to sport at the Rangers games when we go. (Thanks to Courtney for a WONDERFUL 20% off discount) So, I said thanks and hung up all the shirts in closets thinking "he has got to be CRAZY thinking I will wear this OR put my kids in them." did it! I put Reese in his Kinsler jersey. NOT because I like the Rangers now..only because I think Kinsler is a cutie and well, I think my son is as well. But you know, Reese looks good in red and so does Ginny and Allen. I guess we can sport the shirts from time to time. It is all about fashion, right?? BUT, I guarentee the day the Astros come to town my kids will be sporting Astro jerseys all weekend LONG!!
This is for you Allen!


Mrs. Ruggiano said...

What about the Rays? :)