Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My wilderness children

Everyone has been soooo kind to ask, "how are the children adjusting??"....Well, they have become so interested in nature, dirt, birds, trees, you name it! Our backyard is great for them to explore and play. I literally open the door in the morning and they go and go all day out in their backyard. I can see them through the big windows and we normally leave the sliding door wide open! I can hear them both imagining, singing and laughing. It is the best sound along side the birds chirping in the background! We love the Woodlands, it is treating us well....Thank you for asking!

They find sticks, rocks, leaves and even dead animals..I know, sick!!!

They are dirty about 80% of the time......

And always up to something....

And the best part, all the dirt comes off with some fun in the sink!! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What do my kiddos do while I edit??

Editing takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! But I love it! I love getting creative and I love photography! But, sometimes my kids HATE IT! They want my attention (this might be why I dont get some pics down as fast as I want) Some days, they are great....they play play play. Other days it gets REAL the day Reese erased all of Brooks Ruggiano's forehead and I had to "put him back together" VERY TEDIOUS and FRUSTRATING. So, in our new home we have a great downstairs play room right off the kitchen. I can sit and edit while they play!!!! YAY!!!! The only drawback is when they see me, they want me. (You know, "out of sight, out of mind"...ugh) So until then, I will enjoy the small increments during the day to get caught up on editing!

Copper Sage Park

This park is located 0.4 miles from our house. YOu see, the difference between Frisco and the Woodlands is the parks, trail, nature, ponds, etc. It amazes me that sooo many people live here yet you go to a park and it is so serene and calm. We found a little playground and had fun there but as soon as Ginny laid eyes on the pond both her and Reese made a MAD DASH! The weather is wonderful here, about 73 degrees and muggy (welcome to Houston). They started to throw things in the water which led to taking off their shoes and getting a little dirty. Reese almost fell in the pond about 10 times and Ginny threw every stick in the water. It was just the three of us- no one around. The wind blew and Ginny looked up in the ski and said, "Thank you Wind"....she too understands that our new home is a muggy home. Reese could have submerged his whole body in the water....he loved it! I cannot wait for pool kids are ready to get wet and splash around.
This little moment between my two babies is what life is all about! Last night while watching TV (Molly and Jason's Wedding from the Bachelor) Ginny said that she wanted to marry Reese since he was her best friend. MELT.MY.HEART....... and this picture describes her love for her little brother. I am soo thankful that I have a daughter that loves her pesky little brother....Reason number 23,999 why I thank God every day for placing her in my heart!

We are home, taking naps and I am cleaning up from our outing. I think Copper Sage Park will be a new little stop for us!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Out of our comfort zone

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted! SOOOOO much has happened and between photography and Allen's job, I am just plain tired!

Allen took a job in North Houston, he has the territory of Tomball, North Cypress, The Woodlands and Conroe. SO, we chose to live in the Woodlands since it was most like Frisco. He left Stryker and now works for Depuy Spine. This opportunity could be, we took it! :) Allen is AMAZING at what he does......he works soooo hard and I am sooo excited to see what this job brings our little family! There is 88 million untouched business with Spine here in Houston so Allen is gonna go rock it and get all that business...I just know it!! With a lot of hard work and patience good things will happen to our family. We are blessed that God provides and gave us this amazing chance to better our family!

Am I overwhelmed, Yes! You have no idea. In a weeks time, Allen excepted a job, we found a house and moved 5 days later. On top of that, I have 4 photo shoots and two crazy kids wanting all my attention! :) We work well under pressure and although I am stressed I know that I will get through it. I take longer breaths these days, I stop and take it all in....that is all you can do!

We are pretty much settled. Our home is adorable! It is smaller than our last house BUT it accomodates us so much better. We have a HUGE yard with a good sized deck...and the great thing about The Woodlands, TREES TREES TREES!!! It is beautiful here! Today after I ventured to HEB I drove around the sweet town.....ponds, lakes, nature, flowers, trees, fresh air...WOW....God had a plan for our family...he took us out of our comfort zone and placed us in a little paradise city! I am sure we will enjoy long walks on these amazing trails!!!

We loved Frisco, we loved Dallas and still do BUT in life you have to take chances. For a month, Allen and I sat in prayer over where we should go, what was right for our family and where God wanted us to be. This job popped up and we knew it was the answer. God's timing is EVERYTHING. Everything has worked out for us, Ginny's adoption, Reese's birth and now this. All we have to do is have faith. I have no friends here, I dont know a soul but I have my little family and my faith and that is all I need to get by!