Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Copper Sage Park

This park is located 0.4 miles from our house. YOu see, the difference between Frisco and the Woodlands is the parks, trail, nature, ponds, etc. It amazes me that sooo many people live here yet you go to a park and it is so serene and calm. We found a little playground and had fun there but as soon as Ginny laid eyes on the pond both her and Reese made a MAD DASH! The weather is wonderful here, about 73 degrees and muggy (welcome to Houston). They started to throw things in the water which led to taking off their shoes and getting a little dirty. Reese almost fell in the pond about 10 times and Ginny threw every stick in the water. It was just the three of us- no one around. The wind blew and Ginny looked up in the ski and said, "Thank you Wind"....she too understands that our new home is a muggy home. Reese could have submerged his whole body in the water....he loved it! I cannot wait for pool weather...my kids are ready to get wet and splash around.
This little moment between my two babies is what life is all about! Last night while watching TV (Molly and Jason's Wedding from the Bachelor) Ginny said that she wanted to marry Reese since he was her best friend. MELT.MY.HEART....... and this picture describes her love for her little brother. I am soo thankful that I have a daughter that loves her pesky little brother....Reason number 23,999 why I thank God every day for placing her in my heart!

We are home, taking naps and I am cleaning up from our outing. I think Copper Sage Park will be a new little stop for us!


Mary Beth and Travis said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE LINDSAY!! Such a precious moment that you captured!!