Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My wilderness children

Everyone has been soooo kind to ask, "how are the children adjusting??"....Well, they have become so interested in nature, dirt, birds, trees, you name it! Our backyard is great for them to explore and play. I literally open the door in the morning and they go and go all day out in their backyard. I can see them through the big windows and we normally leave the sliding door wide open! I can hear them both imagining, singing and laughing. It is the best sound along side the birds chirping in the background! We love the Woodlands, it is treating us well....Thank you for asking!

They find sticks, rocks, leaves and even dead animals..I know, sick!!!

They are dirty about 80% of the time......

And always up to something....

And the best part, all the dirt comes off with some fun in the sink!! :)