Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturdays we attended a performance at Chuck Swindoll's church, Stonebriar Community was beautiful, so angelic! I only hope that the day that I make those first steps into heaven that I have a choir singing behind me like I heard today!! It was awesome. Allen's neice sang in the choir! What a treat.

When we walked in the door Ginny wanted to put makeup on and put it on the boys took a nap and we had makeovers......well.....not sure if I would call my face a makeover but you get the point. I love Ginny....she makes me laugh soooo hard. She LOVES makeup soooo much!!! haha!!

Reese had tummy time before his nap with Daddy...he is starting to LOVE playing and we just get a kick watching him explore all his new toys!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well...Reese is just growing up sooo fast!!! He is close to being 12 pounds and LOVES to eat!!! Lets just say Mommy and Reese have ALOT of bonding time! :)

He wants to talk sooo bad!!! This morning after Ginny left for school we had some playtime and he was talking away. I wish I could have captured more of his baby talk...but he got bored with it very fast!

Today we are working on sleeping in his crib. Yes, we spoiled him...he was been co sleeping with is just so easy at night when I have to feed him...basically I dont have to get out of bed! BUT, I have to be mean mommy and get him to be more independent...we will see how long this lasts! He is soooo attached to me it really is ridiculous!

Other than that, we are enjoying our day and I am getting caught up on all my thank you notes!!!

skating with daddy

Last night we all went to the galleria to watch Ginny skate!! She had a blast!!! Allen was a great teacher as well. It was also my first time to nurse in public, so we all experienced :firsts: last night!! Here are some great pics!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Cant wait for Christmas

Well, now that I am somewhat caught up........

Today Ginny went to school and Reese and I enjoyed some picture time. He didnt like it much but the boxers and hat trip me out! When Ginny got home from school we made a Gingerbread house. Of course, she ate it faster than I could make it....but it was fun! I am not going to was tasty! Other than that, today has been a normal day! Reese has been attached to my boob and Ginny sings and entertains us!! Life is grand!

and now there are FOUR!

Here are the Christmas photos!!!

catching up on pics!

It has been sooo long since I have updated this thing. With a baby, three year old and hubby my blog is the last thing I think about! BUT...I am going to try and update often!

First Month

Here are some pics of Baby Reese


I just have to say I am sooo proud of my little family. My daughter is the sweetest little girl in the world and my son puts a big smile on my face. God has blessed Allen and I sooo much!

Catching up!

Well........................I have ALOT of catching up to do since Reese is already TWO MONTHS!! Sorry....I have been very busy. He is such a blessing...sweetest little boy! We have been enjoying every minute with our baby boy! He weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces, and was 19 inches long. The delivery went great...I went in the hospital the night before to be induced. Around 7am on Oct. 7th, we started the pitocin and epidural quickly to follow. He was out and in my arms at 3:21am. We are soooo happy and so proud of our baby boy!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just some pictures!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plano Balloon Fest!!

Ginny had the BEST TIME!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

27 days to go!

Well, what can I say...I am so over being pregnant and cant wait to meet my little man! I think this is the time where people start not liking being pregnant...I cannot sleep and Allen has to push me out of the bed practically to go to the bathroom. I love that we can laugh about it, but is time for him to make his grand entrance. My belly literally feels like if I put a pin to would simply POP! I cannot imagine what the remainder of this month is going to be like. At my last appt, Reese was head down ready to decend, but he is high and I am not dialated one bit. So....I guess this is where I will have to put into place the one attribute I clearly have problems with...PATIENCE! I have to work extra hard to be patient in my life and I pray that God will assist me. :) Today is a wonderful day, Ginny is at preschool, I am doing some house organizing and the silence in this house is well...SO NICE! But, I cannot wait for Ginny to be home yelling Mommy, Allen to be home and hearing him laugh with Ginny and well...soon...a little baby to be crying! :)

Here is the last of my belly pics....VIEW WITH CAUTION....YOU ARE IN THE SPLASH ZONE!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sing-Along with Ginny

Today....................we were really bored, obviously....So, Ginny wanted to share some songs she learned at school this week.

Clearly, she is still not sure about the John 1:3 song that they learned...haha!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

With all these baby showers I am really busy these days. I am trying to get Reese's room complete and organized as well as the whole house. It is getting hard these days to do a lot during the day....but I am doing my best. I am now 32 weeks and growing BIG!! It is amazing how much he moves and last night I could feel a shoulder or maybe it was a knee...whatever it was going crazy inside of me.
Ginny is crazy about gymnastics because of the Olympics. Like every kid in Frisco...she is going to take at WOGA where Carly Patterson and Nastia Luikin take. Not that I want her to get that involved in it...but she LOVES it. All she wears in her leotard from morning til night. I am sure she will be doing back handsprings before we know it....she is super strong and will try anything.
It is so funny...she uses our treadmill as her "uneven bars". She wants to be like those big girls on TV sooo bad. She starts school at the Sonshine School here in Frisco in September. We are very excited but sad to see our little soon-to-be three year old all grown up. It will be good for her to have some time away from Mommy and Baby Reese to spend with friends and teachers. This will be a good change for her since she gets all the attention from us at the house. Bless her baby, new school...many new things for Ginny and I think we will really see our little girl grow up over night in the next year.
Well, not that much going on here...back to washing baby clothes and playing with Ginny. It is rainy and nasty outside so we have been enjoying the indoors.
Hope you enjoy the video.....I think WOGA will be a good step up from the treadmill in the study...hey, whatever works to entertain her...right!?!?!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Shower in College Station

WOW! What a weekend! We had a great time College Station with all of our friends... starting off at Jade's 1st birthday at a beautiful ranch and then on Saturday I had my first baby shower and it was just perfect! I got some great things but most importantly, I got to see some of my most favorite people. It was a real treat. Today, we spent the WHOLE day on the lake in Temple. It was so much fun to just hang out with the family. The Wheelers brought Ginny a pinata and this was a new thing for her. Of course, she had a BLAST! They are so sweet to think of her. Needless to say, we are sad to start another week and dont look forward to Monday. I have a doctor's appt this week so that will be the excitement of my week. Now it is time to FINALIZE Reese's room since the gifts are arriving and I have NO PLACE to put them. So....Ginny and I will be organizing, cleaning and getting some things done around the house this week. I have 2 other baby showers coming up in the next couple of weeks...WOW, we are blessed with great friends and family. OK, here are some pics.....