Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

With all these baby showers I am really busy these days. I am trying to get Reese's room complete and organized as well as the whole house. It is getting hard these days to do a lot during the day....but I am doing my best. I am now 32 weeks and growing BIG!! It is amazing how much he moves and last night I could feel a shoulder or maybe it was a knee...whatever it was...it was going crazy inside of me.
Ginny is crazy about gymnastics because of the Olympics. Like every kid in Frisco...she is going to take at WOGA where Carly Patterson and Nastia Luikin take. Not that I want her to get that involved in it...but she LOVES it. All she wears in her leotard from morning til night. I am sure she will be doing back handsprings before we know it....she is super strong and will try anything.
It is so funny...she uses our treadmill as her "uneven bars". She wants to be like those big girls on TV sooo bad. She starts school at the Sonshine School here in Frisco in September. We are very excited but sad to see our little soon-to-be three year old all grown up. It will be good for her to have some time away from Mommy and Baby Reese to spend with friends and teachers. This will be a good change for her since she gets all the attention from us at the house. Bless her heart..new baby, new school...many new things for Ginny and I think we will really see our little girl grow up over night in the next year.
Well, not that much going on here...back to washing baby clothes and playing with Ginny. It is rainy and nasty outside so we have been enjoying the indoors.
Hope you enjoy the video.....I think WOGA will be a good step up from the treadmill in the study...hey, whatever works to entertain her...right!?!?!