Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saltines and Sprite

Today I have my first ultrasound!!! WOOHOO! I dont know how far along I am BUT I think it is somewhere around 7 or 8 weeks.

This pregnancy is soooo different already! I wake up feeling sick, go to bed feeling sick, wake up in the middle of the night feeling is just awful! I live on BLAND....SALTINES AND SPRITE taste like HEAVEN these days! Everyone keeps saying that it means I am having a healthy pregnancy BUT I dont think about that when I am barfing my brains out. I remember feeling so bad for Shelby Jacobs...she was super super sick and I kept thinking, "POOR SHELBY". BUT, I have a feeling this little person in me (and yes, I am talking singular..not double...we will know more at 2:00Pm) will give me a RUN FOR MY MONEY!

If everything looks good I think I might share the news. I cannot keep a secret and I am not going to wait until 12-14 weeks...that is too hard for me to do.

I will blog and post a pic of Little RosieToes number 3 this afternoon!