Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well...Reese is just growing up sooo fast!!! He is close to being 12 pounds and LOVES to eat!!! Lets just say Mommy and Reese have ALOT of bonding time! :)

He wants to talk sooo bad!!! This morning after Ginny left for school we had some playtime and he was talking away. I wish I could have captured more of his baby talk...but he got bored with it very fast!

Today we are working on sleeping in his crib. Yes, we spoiled him...he was been co sleeping with is just so easy at night when I have to feed him...basically I dont have to get out of bed! BUT, I have to be mean mommy and get him to be more independent...we will see how long this lasts! He is soooo attached to me it really is ridiculous!

Other than that, we are enjoying our day and I am getting caught up on all my thank you notes!!!