Thursday, September 18, 2008

27 days to go!

Well, what can I say...I am so over being pregnant and cant wait to meet my little man! I think this is the time where people start not liking being pregnant...I cannot sleep and Allen has to push me out of the bed practically to go to the bathroom. I love that we can laugh about it, but is time for him to make his grand entrance. My belly literally feels like if I put a pin to would simply POP! I cannot imagine what the remainder of this month is going to be like. At my last appt, Reese was head down ready to decend, but he is high and I am not dialated one bit. So....I guess this is where I will have to put into place the one attribute I clearly have problems with...PATIENCE! I have to work extra hard to be patient in my life and I pray that God will assist me. :) Today is a wonderful day, Ginny is at preschool, I am doing some house organizing and the silence in this house is well...SO NICE! But, I cannot wait for Ginny to be home yelling Mommy, Allen to be home and hearing him laugh with Ginny and well...soon...a little baby to be crying! :)

Here is the last of my belly pics....VIEW WITH CAUTION....YOU ARE IN THE SPLASH ZONE!