Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Busy!

Well Friends.... This thing is taken off whether I want it to or not! ha! I am having a blast taking pics and tomorrow I get to capture little miss Lilly Kummerfeld AGAIN....I had some over exposed photos so we are going to attempt this again. I am bare with me as I try new things. Thanks to Katy and Lilly...they are soooo easy to work with when I called to see if I could take some more she was more than excited about it. That always helps when you have friends that welcome you in their home...Thank you Katy....I am really having a blast with this and you make it sooo fun! Plus, Miss Lilly is the perfect model.... OR it may be that I just love getting my hands on this little baby girl to help cure my baby fever that I have once a month. I cannot wait to proof her photos and get them to her.....thank you Katy for being a patient friend!

I also have a new client whom I have never met AND I also get to capture Mr. Hunter Morris! He is a wee one and his Grandmother, Sharon Morris, is one of my moms closest friends! So...this will be ALOT of fun for me tomorrow!

THEN....this weekend, Allen and I (NO KIDS) are headed to Norman, OK to see the Aggies play OU! I am very excited about this fun trip with Jim and Diane Webber! I have not left Reese for a whole weekend yet so this is going to be very strange to leave the kiddos behind in Temple...BUT, it will be good for Allen and I to have a weekend AWAY full of adult conversations, adult scenerios and of course, some adult beverages...I am sure! So....sorry Dora the Explorer, Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming.....this Mommy is NickJr-less for a couple of days! PRAISE THE LORD!!

Here are some pics from the beginning of the week that I thought I would include on here! Of course I was hoping to post pics of Miss Lilly but I want to have her photoshoot complete before I do so!

Thank you family and friends for all the kind words and support with this new is a challenge and I learn something new everyday! We will see where this takes me, I guess!


Katy K. said...

Thank you so much Lindsay! I am so excited to see the photos of little Lilly. You were so professional and new exactly how to pose a little baby. You also were great at calming her down, which is a great trait in a photographer. I completely trust you with my daughter and I am so eager to see how you captured her personality. Thanks so spending time with us!