Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week One (Bachelorette)

Ok...Julian has some great picks! I wanted to share my favorites and not-so-much favorites. I ALWAYS pick the right people..every season! It is here goes! I like Julian a lot and I am here to give her guidance through this whole process since I KNOW she checks out my blog daily!!! j/k :) (Thanks Jessica for the idea!)
Lindsay's Favorites

Ok, he is just flat out adorable and he is a Texas boy...he seems very normal and I think he will be on his way to the final 3!
I like him too...very normal (so far) and is great at conversation. He just "has the look"...if you know what I mean! I def. think he will be in the final 3.
Ok girls, I dont care what you say but there is always something about the "first impression rose". I think David kind of creeped me out when he "lost his words" BUT, I think he is going to be a good match for Julian (like I know her personally, right..haha)

I am just putting him here because any guy that could sing/play guitar to a written country song gets some points!! I like that these Texas boys are rockin the show! YEEHAW!
He would be someone I totally would have dated. UNIQUE, can dance, has a creative side..i like that!!! Plus, he has a great sense of humor!

Nothing special, he seems to be a safe bet though!

Lindsay's NOT-SO-MUCH Favorites
Sorry dude, couldnt marry a guy with the same name...that is weird, so you are out!

I dont know...I just dont like his name either..haha! I think that he is too tall for her too!

He reminds me of every guy I dated in high school/college and that freaks me out! I mean, I love personal trainers to train me...not to date. No thank you! I dont want to be reminded of all the bad things I eat and my physical activity level on a daily basis!
I am not into the whole "speak another language". I like my men sporty, manly, Native and local. :)


Snider Family said...

You totally got it right!! Kipton & Jake are my favs! Why haven't I seen Kipton around here?? :)

I wish I was there so bad, Monday nights would be a blast! Can't wait for all the drama to unfold!!

Snider Family said...

oops, I was spelling my mans name wrong! Kyptin!

JessicAllen said...

You're so all of the comments. Good picks! Can't wait to see how they all turn out :)