Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nutritious junk....

Soooo, I must admit I have never included this item on my grocery list. But, with my ATTEMPT to lose this baby weight I have got to find somethings that I can eat that dont pack on the pounds! PLUS, I never ever had a love for sweets until being pregnant with Reese. Thanks Buddy!
Our new favorite around the house is frozen cut up fruits (IE, strawberries and pineapple) with this tasty delight...FAT FREE Reddi Wip! I think I was deprived as a kid (sorry, Mom) we never had this in our household and BOY, this stuff is sooo fun!!! I dont really know what a "whip it" is...I have only heard of the term. Apparently "whip its" give you a high of some sort (since I attended Temple High School I was around some crazy stuff). I didnt want to give my child a "whip it" and after giving her about 5 mouth fulls of whip cream I asked Allen, "OH NO!!! Am I giving Ginny a WHIP IT?" After concluding that our whip cream game was safe, Ginny and I delighted in this tasty, fun treat. There is nothing more fun than watching Ginny's face as I sprayed this stuff in her mouth...she thought it was so much fun and for a moment, I was the COOLEST mom for letting her do it! Next time you are at the store add this to your list of items...make sure it is fat free makes any dull, diet desert taste GREAT and it is oh so fun!!!
Ok, really, the weather needs to warm up......obviously, we are BORED at home and have NOTHING to do!!