Friday, January 23, 2009

Finding the RIGHT WORDS

This my WORLD!!!

Adoption is tricky! Ginny is one of us and I feel as if she was apart of me at one time. She is starting to ask about "being in my tummy" and "being born". I sit and look at her little face and wonder "how will she take all the details". I want her to feel secure and safe and that is all that matters right now. Ginny is my world. I look at her and just sit there in amazement at how wonderful, sweet and caring she is. She wants the best for everyone and wants everyone to be happy. I dont know what I would do without her. I pray that God provides me the strength to put away my selfishness and help me to find the right way to let her know of her past. She deserves to know everything, the truth....her past has made her into this special being and her past is what makes Ginny, well..Ginny. She is always saying how much she "looks like daddy" I want her to always have that desire to be just like Allen. Ginny is strong, smart and with time this wont even be an issue. I think this whole thing is harder on me right now than her. I just need prayers....I need to know that everything will be just the same as it is right now. She is and always will be my little girl...born of my heart and spirit. God, just give me the strength.....
The first day Ginny came to our house...

Ginny's second birthday party

20 months...In love with makeup already!

Halloween 2007

22 months....