Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, here goes....

I put my selfishness aside and I uttered the hardest words out of my mouth. I explained to Ginny about her "past". Well, it all started out by her letting me know that she looks like daddy and they have the same color eyes. I agreed....but then thought to myself, is this fair to her? What is fair? The truth or sheltering her? I mean, I would want to know my past and the truth and the only fair thing was to explain it to her in a way that made sense. We have been blessed with great birthparents....both have provided Ginny with some great pictures and Kyle has written Ginny some beautiful notes. I got out her scrapbook and explained that she was born in "her tummy, not mine"....Now the moment of truth as my heart literally POUNDED out of my chest...she looked at me and said "I want some chocolate milk". What??? That was it??? I have been so nervous about this and that was the answer she gave me?? Then at bedtime we went through the whole thing again and she was totally content. I tell you what.....that was the hardest yet easiest thing I have ever done. I feel a big weight lifted off my chest. She knows that she only has one Mommy and Daddy and that she was born in our heart and our spirit. She knows that she only has one brother and will have more siblings to come. She knows that our love for her is unexplainable. If it was easy I would have better words to give a three year old about how much I love her. It is almost like today she wanted to reassure me that "the truth" was and is OK...because she is with us, her Mommy and Daddy. She trusts us and knows that we are here for her always and forever and that we could tell her anything and as long as we were there for her...nothing else matters. That is LOVE! What a sweet soul....Please pray for us as many questions will come out of this and pray that we are provided with the "right" answers to comfort her heart!!!