Friday, January 23, 2009

What am I going to do with this boy?


WOW! This is cool, mom!


Granted...I love that he looks at me like I am his world and he coos everytime I smile at him. BUT, this boy doesnt like to sleep and I am getting frustrated. I will say, I get tired of all the books out there about getting your baby to sleep through the night. Honestly, my favorite time with Reese is when everyone is asleep and I have him all to myself, nursing him and looking into his bright blue eyes! I love when he falls asleep with me as well....not a good habit, but boy do I love his snuggles. Last night we had some success.....he went to bed around 9pm, woke up to feed at 1am and then he was up at 6am....I chalk that up for a successful night! Who cares about sleep anymore?? I love watching him grow and I love him at night....he is soooo sweet and his little stares just MELT me!

Reese is LOVING all his toys and he is starting to really take a liking to playtime. Ginny loves watching him as well...she thinks it is so fun that her brother can actually DO something. At first, she was a little over the fact a baby was in the house because he didnt DO, brother wants to pull her hair and to Ginny, that means the world..he is a human in her eyes now! ha!