Thursday, March 26, 2009


A friend blogger wrote about her daughters nicknames and I thought I would share our crazy names.

Virginia Paige Rosenbaum (Ginny)
well....since she came into our lives at "toddlerhood" we didnt get to call her whatever we wanted since she would say right back to us, "My name is Ginny". SO...we dont have that many fun ones for her. Ginny is very proud of her name and if you say VIRGINIA, she will say that her name is JUST GINNY! The girl is serious! :)
-Sweet Pea
-Princess Pea
-Ginny Paige
-Love Bug
-Ruby (from Max and Ruby)

Reese Allen Rosenbaum
We are WEIRD, I know! But when you have a little rolly polly of a son...the names are endless! PLUS, he has always been a good we have many names that pertain to his disgusting diaper duty! Here goes:
-Reeser Piecer
-Stinky McStinkerton
-Wittle Guy
-Whiny McWellington
-Stinker Shmells

And often in the house you can hear Ginny and I singing... "Your the shmelliest, your the shmelliest boy we know, boy we know!

Ok, so he really isnt that is just sooo fun to call him these names and he cant fight back! Ha! He is going to KILL me later, but for now...he will be my