Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

I have the dreaded stomach bug. Just when I thought it was gone for came back, with a vengence. Allen was away for a MonaVie party and I sat in the bathroom hugging the toilet! I hate throwing up! Nothing was staying down. Just when I look at babies and think, "I miss being pregnant"...well, I dont....after feeling this feeling of nausea...I am good for awhile!!! It is crazy how you can fight through all the pain, knowing, you are growing this sweet baby inside of you...but to have it with NO CAUSE give me a break. I am the biggest baby, the world seems to be crashing down on me and I am well...dying! (haha, what my poor family has to endure during mommy's sickness). My son's HORRID diapers (since we added oatmeal to his diet) sets the nausea off big time! Therefore, it has been a wonderful break...Allen has been tackling the Diaper duty and he simply cant believe what can come out of a little baby! It is seriously crazy!
I dont have that much time to type....just wanted to share some photos of my sweet children. Hopefully this bug will pass. I think I am over the bad just comes the tired feeling and that BLAH feeling that never goes away. I am sooo dehydrated and nursing Reese has been the biggest challenge...but we will get over that hump.


Mary Beth and Travis said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!!
I sure hope you're feeling fun...

~Jamie said...

awwww what a cutie!!!