Monday, March 2, 2009

Too Cool for You Show

Okay, so Sarah Sarah Smith and I have been friends since we were VERY LITTLE! I have many memories...TOO COOL FOR YOU SHOW, having an olympic birthday party together, Her dad doing handstands (Yes, I thought that was awesome) playing that we were the girlfriends of the New Kids On the Block, Sarah telling me that she has NEVER EVER had a shot and for some reason that drove me NUTS..haha, thinking her brother Stephen was awesome and wishing I had a big brother, and the list goes on and on! SO MANY MEMORIES!

Anyway, now we have our own children to make sweet memories....I cannot wait to watch these boys grow up! Krosby is a doll! And well, his mommy, Sarah, is the same old of those friends that is sooo easy, so fun! I cannot wait to get together again soon!