Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Window Watcher

Reese gets soooo bored when it is just me and him at home. Moms with one child....I dont know how you do it! It is sooo much easier with TWO especially when they are at the ages of 4 and 1...they play so well together. SO...when Ginny is at school and Reese is home with me he does a lot of window watching. Lets face it...the kid is bored with just Mama! When Ginny is home they play STORE...he rides in his Cozy Coupe and Ginny pushes him around the house...you can hear laughing all throughout the house....I hate when Ginny is at school....Reese and I are so bored without you sweet girl! So...Reese looks out the window calling for DADA and we pretend DADA is coming home. We miss Daddy and Ginny during the day, that is for sure!