Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank you Jesus!

Rainy days keep me indoors and they allow me to reflect on things once the kids are down for a nap and once laundry is folded and put away.

I cannot get out of my head a horrible tragedy....we have mutual friends. While I dont know them personally, we have the same friends and I have viewed their blog from time to time. Samantha and Bryan Kirby reside in Georgia. They went to put their sweet 2 year old boys, Asa and Elijah to sleep one night and once the sun rose in the morning those little voices could not be heard. They rushed upstairs to wake them up and found them both unconcious. You see, they had a heating malfunction in their home and well...the boys went to be with the Lord over a silly malfunction. Since they were downstairs they werent aware of this and slept soundly thinking everything was OK and well...it wasnt. So now after all the funerals and all the memorials what do they do next? How do they move on? What drives them? Where do they turn? So for this...I wanted to write them a letter. They will never recieve this, never know my thoughts and concerns but since I have been praying for them I thought I would get this off my chest.

Asa and Elijah Kirby

Dear Bryan and Samantha Kirby-

You do not know me...we have mutual friends. Hearing what happened brought a halt to my crazy world and every night I hug my little ones tighter and kiss them more slowly. There are no words and of course I am sorry for your loss. This week I have slowed down to enjoy the small moments with my little ones. I have learned that life cannot be promised and that tomorrow might not come. From you...I have learned to STOP and enjoy the little things. The little things that you probably miss that we totally take for granted. I think about you often and cannot imagine going through what you have gone through. God has called your family to be a witness to what is true and real in this crazy world. You have taught me to give thanks and to trust in Him.


So today....I stop to give thanks....

I am thankful that I get to wake up to a sweet smiling girl everyday and that I have a little boy that keeps me on my toes. I am thankful for the rain, the pitter patter of little feet, a loving husband, family and friends. I am thankful that although I am not perfect, Jesus you love and forgive me. You know my imperfections yet you still love me. You trust me with you children to teach them and guide them to love and follow you. I might not be doing the best job of it...BUT, I am reminded everyday that YOU trust ME! Who would have thought you would have trusted me when I was newly married, young, unemployed to adopt an angel like Ginny and then turn around 3 days later to find out I am pregnant with Reese? Now that is a sourveign God! Thank you for the little things....the little laughs, the little firsts, the little hugs and kisses. And thank you for trusting me with your gifts from above.


The Armstrong Family said...

Lindsay, that is horrible but such a sweet letter! Do you have a link to their blog?

Justin and Julie said...

I would like the link to their blog, as well. I am friends with someone they went to medical school with- this breaks my heart.

Katy K. said...

Thank you so much for posting about our dear friends Bryan and Samantha. David and I went to church with them while we both lived in Galveston. Bryan and Samantha are walking examples of God's grace. At the funeral they stressed that Asa and Eli are God's children. Thank you Lindsay and please keep praying for them.

Bryan said...

Was thinking about my sons today, as every other day, when I decided to google their names to see what popped up. Since "googling" somebody pretty much equates to defining them, I was very hopeful that I would get something more permanent and meaningful than just their obituary or a newspaper article about how they weren't there when my wife went up to get them that morning. Instead, I feel blessed to see that someone is really taking a long-lasting message from their lives: that we are entrusted by God with the responsibility of children for an uncertain amount of time, meaning that we have to be VERY sure that right now, today, they are being taught well and know that they are forever loved, not just by their parents on Earth but by their Father in Heaven. My sons knew that and I am proud of how we raised them, but I definitely worry sometimes that the message could be lost with time. I really want my sons to have a legacy that results in many people coming into the kingdom that otherwise would not have, so when I read your message and see that you are loving on your children maybe a little bit more because of my sons, I need to thank you for honoring them. I need to hear that.