Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So my new camera arrives today....

I have been without my Nikon for a WHOLE YEAR!!! Yes, I missed out on my baby...I didnt have a SLR for his whole first year...WHY?!?! Simply because I was too lazy to take mine back and let them fix it! CRAZY, I know!!! Do you understand?!! With two...I have time to brush my teeth, get Ginny off to school, make dinner and anything in between that...like stand in line at Wolf Camera for two hours is completely ridiculous and well, just not happening. Yes, you might think that Reese is a sweet baby and all BUT, when it comes to trips to a grocery store, shopping mall etc. he is a devil child. He hates to be restrained and it just wasnt going to happen. PLUS, with Daddy being so busy these days and Mommy being sooo tired....I put it off, and put it off!

BUT....to celebrate a wonderful FIRST year with REESE....I am rewarding myself with this!!
And you thought I took a lot of pictures NOW...Just you wait, my friends!!! I have the book, the video, the classes....I am now a photography MOMMA and will be snap snap snapping away!!!