Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"They are FOND of each other"...WHAT???

So, Thursday I am in the carpool line at Ginny's school, Sonshine Academy. A teacher stopped me and asked if I knew about Ginny and this other boy in her school being FOND of each other?!?! WHAT?? My little girl??
So I asked what she meant. She goes on to say that they were holding hands in the hallway, he was laying on her lap, they play together etc etc. MY HEART DROPPED!!!!!! I almost DIED! I called my mom, Allen, said a prayer asking God to PLEASE help me find the right words. I asked Ginny about this...she said that she and this boy LIKE each other, play together...She is the princess he is the PRINCE!!! WHAT?!?! My little girl?!?!
Every conversation this week has been about being friends with GIRLS, how BOYS DROOL and Girls RULE...how BOYS are smelly and GIRLS smell GREAT...how Girls are NICE, Boys are MEAN..You get the picture RIGHT?!?! Clearly, my daughter likes hanging out with the boys...they are fun, adventurous and well...HER PRINCE in her FAIRY TALE story. See....Ginny clearly lives in a fairy tale and LOVES being a princess and well every girl needs a prince, so she thinks.
I seriously felt like a parent of a high schooler. Thoughts of...HOW ARE WE GOING TO BREAK UP THIS RELATIONSHIP?? OR HOW DARE THIS BOY TOUCH MY DAUGHTER?? OR HOLDING HANDS?? WHAT IS NEXT?? THAT IS FIRST BASE, YOU KNOW?!?! I am frustrated with this situation as you can tell....BUT, I have to keep telling myself that they are kids and she might not be like me wanting to play with the girls in her class. I cannot even imagine when she turns 16!!

More on this later...I wrote her teacher a big long letter so we will see how today goes!! PRAY FOR ME...



Snider Family said...

oh so that's what I have to look forward to!?!?

LOVE the new background and picture, so cute!