Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Reese

Dear Reese,

Today, October 6, 2008 I was packing my bags, cleaning the house, preparing food for back at home, calling Ginny's school to inform them I would not be taking Gin to school and praying real hard that you wanted to come out and would not cause a fuss. I was induced with you....Daddy and I checked in at 8pm on Oct. 6th, 2008. I can remember looking at all the babies in the window thinking, "WOW, sooo small!!" I was scared, excited, nervous....overall, ready to meet you. Everything went PERFECT, just as planned...no pain! I had a great labor....only 6 hours and there you were!! The pushing was the worst part and you did cause Mommy some major pain "down there"...but when you were born...nothing else mattered! Gigi and Daddy watched as they cleaned you up and I cried tears of joy, amazement and SHOCK! Although I had some post pardum things going on with me I have NEVER experienced a LOVE like that. Your sisters adoption day and your birth were the most amazing days of my life.
You slept with Mommy and Daddy for 5 months...you loved to wake us up and play! I didnt mind as I knew that soon those moments would pass and you would soon be a big boy sleeping in your crib. You love FOOD! You love anything I give you...even tomatoes! Your favorites are Fig Newtons, Avacado, Chicken, Banana and Pasta. You can say words like, "Dada, Momma, Ja (Jax), OHHH WOOKK (OH, Look), HI, and you make the scariest Roaring sound ever! You walked at 10 months, you crawled at 9 months, you love your sister more than anything! You adore books...you walk over to me with a book in hand, sit your cute bottom in my lap and we read away! You LOVE WONDER PETS and you LOVE BABY EINSTEIN!
Lets face it Reese...you are ADORABLE! You have the sweetest heart, the biggest blue eyes and the perfect smile. You have a personality like your Daddy...calm, sweet, caring and you LOVE me! Your hugs are so warming, your kisses, well, slobbery...BUT, I would not trade those slobbers for the world. Your feet are chunky, your legs are stocky and you have a belly that hangs over your pants! :) You LOVE walking and being independent, you love remote controls and iPhones! You even know how to work Mommy's and play games on it! You love nursing at night...that is our time to slow down the world and reconnect...this bond is amazing to me and is hard to give up.
Reese.....Daddy, Mommy and Ginny love you very much! You take on the name TODDLER tomorrow...You become a big boy! I pray that you LOVE JESUS and want to be more like him. I pray that you follow His Word and understand and KNOW that He loves you! I could be selfish and say that I want you to be a baby forever...BUT, I know that God has a plan for you! You are on this Earth to do great things, to spread your joy and to experience His LOVE!!
This year has been amazing and I cannot wait to watch you grow this next year. I love you more than life itself.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET REESERS!!!
Love, Mommy