Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Challenge

I dont have much time to write about all that is going on around here! Yes, we have a new dog...yes, my son just turned 9 months (can you believe it)....Yes we attend gymnastics regularly...yes, Allen has a new partner with Stryker and they are well.."kicking butt" and all I want to blog about is the fact that I want my baby boy to SLEEP.


We are basically using the "Cry it Out" method. We have tried everything and according to Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy is time for Reese to self soothe. This week two teeth appeared and he started crawling on his knees. The first week of his 9 month milestone has been a big one and with the encouragement of my peditrician, it is time for Reese to get this whole sleeping thing down on his own. YES YES YES...I should have done this at 8 weeks...But, c'mon.....I just couldnt stand it!

So here we are...

Night One:

Bedtime-8:30PM (still crying and it is 8:56PM)

Tonight Reese ate a big meal of sweet peas, carrots, mango and chicken, he went on a walk with Daddy and then I nursed him and rocked him. I starred into his sweet eyes and said, "night night, I love you" and then I put him in his crib with his lovey and paci. I am listening to his cry and I seriously think that my heart is breaking. I think I am having a heart attack it hurts so bad! I have never had this feeling...EVER. I am listening to a SCREAM for help and I am told I cannot go in there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I must stay strong and let him self soothe. This could be the hardest venture with Reese yet!
Tomorrow I will post about tonight. I love my little boy soooo much that it kills me to hear him cry and to see him on the monitor standing in his crib. But, I love him soooo much that I want him to sleep well and be well rested and healthy! Sweet Dreams my little man..... I hope....