Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Jenna Mae Armstrong
June 19, 2006
7 lbs 5 ounces
18.5 inches
I am excited to see my childhood friends grow up, get married and THEN have a precious baby girl! Lee and Sally, she is beautiful. I bet you guys just stare at her 24/7 because the short time I was there that was all I wanted to do. Examine her little nose, her little hands, her tiny feet....goodness, GOD IS GOOD!! I cannot wait to watch our kids grow....Reese, I am sure is going to give Lee a run for his money!!! She is precious and simply gorgeous already! Sally, you look amazing for just having a baby and Lee, I know you are going to be the best daddy!

watching her Mommy's every move!

I love her!!! There is something so sweet about babies GIRLS!!

What a fun day....Reese had the chance to meet his bud Colby! I love him Mary Beth! Colby cracks me up with his hair and that flirty little smirk! I cannot believe that a baby at 3 1/2 months could be such a flirt already! Reese wanted to eat him up all day long. I think he wanted to get him out of his carrier and play football with him already! Reese just talked and talked and then Colby would respond with a baby word or two! These boys are going to be great friends and I cannot wait to watch them grow up together! I know the Anthonys and Rosenbaums will have some fun times together in the near future!! What a fun visit Mary Beth...I enjoyed catching up and we will have to do this more often!
Reese ATTACKING Colby....Colby with his smirk thinking, "this boy is CRAZY!!"


The Armstrong Family said...

We LOVED dinner and your visit! Thanks so much for being so sweet and thoughtful.

Rachel said...

Such a great post! :o)