Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Cannot Lose My Love

This song is what I am starting to sing to the kids every night. Well, maybe Reese since Ginny has no patience at all! She wants to read Fancy Nancy or Olivia and call it a night. But, while I nurse Reese I love singing this to him. Our church, Preston Trail Community Church, had a great sermon on TINY TOTS. We learned that God is CRAZY about babies and loves children. We also learned about discipline, patience and their tiny little brains and how to connect with them. It was a precious sermon. Then, Laura Hairston sang this song by SARA GROVES called, YOU CANNOT LOSE MY LOVE. The tears went crazy and I fell in love with this song. It is a sweet little lullaby, easy to sing and has a message that hits the heart!


You will lose your baby teeth.

At times, you'll lose your faith in me.

You will lose a lot of things,

But you cannot lose my love.

You may lose your appetite,

Your guiding sense of wrong and right.

You may lose your will to fight,

But you cannot lose my love.

You will lose your confidence.

In times of trial, your common sense.

You may lose your innocence,

But you cannot lose my love.

Many things can be misplaced;

Your very memories be erased.

No matter what the time or space,

You cannot lose my love.

You cannot lose,

You cannot lose,

You cannot lose my love.

Download it and enjoy.....it is a sweet song!


The Long's said...

This is sooooo sweet! Thanks for sharing! Hope all is good with you guys! We still need to get together so we can meet little Reese before he is not so little anymore :)