Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ginny and her teetee issues

Ok....let me back track for you. Ginny was potty trained right around her 22 months. She wanted NOTHING to do with diapers! I was sooo glad. We did everything from rewarding her with 2 M&M's to letting her pick out the prettiest panties. Ginny was a champ...she would go everytime on the potty.

Lately, she has been overally excited and doesnt not want to go to the potty when she feels a teetee coming on. She will do every kind of dance, stick her bottom out, run in circles EVERYTHING until we have to force her to use the restroom. Lets face it....the girl is excited, energetic, popular, fun (you get the picture) that going to the bathroom is the last way she wants to spend her sweet time.

Here is our convo tonight:

Me: Ginny, you have to go to the potty RIGHT NOW, GO!

Ginny: Mommy...I am playing...I will go later.

Me: Ginny NOW!!!!!!!

Ginny: I dont have to go Mommy!

Me: 1....2..... (never making it to THREE...you know the drill)

**Ginny sits down from her teetee dance**

Ginny: Mommy, when I sit all the teetee goes back up in me and I dont have to go anymore. That is what I do...sit down and the teetee sucks right back up.


She is the light of my world and without her my laughs would be few and my patience would never be tested. She might be 3 1/2 but she acts like she is 12.

So, we have a game...the faster she runs to the potty the faster she gets a PRIZE! We will see how this one goes for the week!!!


Jenn Pitts said...

That is hilarious!!! I bet your kiddos keep you laughing all the time - I love Reese's dancing too!

Mary Beth and Travis said...

oh my goodness- that is hilarious!!!! Where does she get this stuff from?? haha