Monday, July 13, 2009

Well Rested

I cannot tell you how excited I am. Reese finally fell asleep around 9:20PM...we watched the monitor like two kids! I couldnt take it anymore so I cleaned house, called my mom...anything to distract me. THEN, finally he gave up, grabbed his lovey and went to sleep! I was soooo proud of him! He is learning to self soothe. When I went to bed I decided to turn the monitor down and let Reese repeat the cycle of self soothing if he were to wake up during the night. Lets just say JULY 12th 2009 was the best night of sleep I have had in over a year!!! Allen turned up the monitor when he left the house at 6AM so when Reese woke up I would be able to hear him. At 7:30AM, I woke up to a talking little baby...well rested, happy and would you believe that he loved me all the same even though I made him deal with it and self soothe. :) I RAN into his room, soooo proud, rocked and nursed him and then we started our day!!! I was sooo well rested that I took the kids to the gym for a killer workout and now Reese is asleep in his crib for his morning nap! He only cried for 3 minutes!!!!!

Reese at 9:30PM, sound asleep!!!!

To all my encouraging friends....THANK YOU!!!! I had so many people praying for us that we would have the will power to take on this task! Even though that little baby cries and it breaks your that he needs his sleep and rest more than YOU!!!

P.S. Our new puppy Jax only woke up once to go outside last night!!!! WOW, he must have gotten the memo to self soothe or pee himself...either one!!! :)


JessicAllen said...

Congrats mama! Awesome job :)