Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why We love Daddy sooo much!

Ginny answered the following:

Mommy-Why do you love daddy sooo much?
Ginny-I just do. (with an attitude)
Mommy-What is your fav. thing to do with daddy?
Ginny-When we play toys and when we race.
Mommy-What is your fav. outfit your daddy wears?
Ginny-A shirt with a seahorse on it. (I am presuming a Polo shirt)
Mommy-What kind of work does daddy do?
Ginny-He helps ALLLLLLL the doctors.
Mommy-If you could say one thing to daddy what would it be?
Ginny-I want a horse with fins!


Daddy...we cannot wait to give you a big hug and KISS!!! Especially MOMMA, she is super excited to see you!!