Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 months

My little boy is almost 4 months! WOW!

He is the sweetest little guy. Right now...He is trying so hard to roll over, but that fat belly keeps getting in the way. He is giggling when I tickle him, he eats every 3 hours, he LOVES his sister and his sister ADORES him and he seldom ever cries. During the day, he takes GREAT naps and at night he is a KILLER! He doesnt sleep! Last night, he woke up every 2-3 hours! We are really trying to work with him on sleeping through the night...but he doesnt want to help us out AT ALL! He is getting big and almost into 6 month clothing, he is finding out that his thumb is something he can suck on, he loves his bouncer and loves grabbing onto toys. Basically, he is just the perfect little boy (minus the sleeping problem). I cannot believe he is almost 4 months...it has been the best and most challenging four months of my life! Cant wait for the next 4!


Melissa & Maddie said...

Hi Lindsey! This is Melissa Redwine. I saw your blog off of the Johnson's blog. Your little ones are absolutely adorable. I have a little one as well. She is fixing to turn 4 in March and I can't believe it. It goes by so quickly.

Kristen Ray said...

What a handsome smile! He is getting so big! We need to hang out soon!