Thursday, February 5, 2009

Silent Night.....

Ok...I dont know if I want to admit how spoiled Reese has been with sleeping. He would sleep with us, sleep in my arms, sleep anywhere that I was near. I mean, what four month old wakes up every 2 hours?? UMMM, that would be my son! BUT, not anymore! Thank goodness for my friend, Krisin Webber who is well known for sleep training in the Metroplex and for my pediatrician, Dr. Guetersloh. This book is amazing!!!!!!
I cant tell you how sad and upsetting it is to hear him SCREAM at the top of his lungs for me at night. This book is very PRO, Cry it Out. Some of you might think, how cruel....BUT, let me tell you....after trying EVERYTHING this book really works and helps you to understand the importance of sleep for babies! If his naps arent regular, bad night sleep, if there is no routine, bad night sleep. Everything you do during the day helps to mold what your nights look life.
Last night, we put Reese down at 7:30. He SCREAMED for an hour. I would check on him to make sure it he was OK, but I would not pick him up! This was miserable for me. I wanted to scream louder than he was. Then, he fell asleep....after some long whimpers. He was ready for a "dream feed" at 10:30, I fed him, put him back down (still no crying) and then he didnt wake up til 4am!!!!! I am so proud of us! It was hard.........I wanted so badly to rescue my crying son, but what I kept telling myself was..."He only wants my company that is why he is crying, I cannot rob him of his sleep." This book goes to say if you stick with the plan you should have a quiet baby at night by night 4-9. SOOOO, I need prayers that I can be strong through this. I am telling you, hearing your baby cry is sooo hard....BUT, is so needed for them to learn it is OK to self soothe. Maybe my problem is that I never want him to grow up. I never want him to do things on his own. I have to let him have some independence.
Lets just say......I DREAD the day I have to wean him from breastfeeding, or send him off to school, or put him in the church nursery even....OH NO, I think I have attachment issues...MORE ON THAT AT A LATER DATE! ha!


Mary Beth and Travis said...

ok, how is this going?!? I'm definitely buying the book!

the rosenbaums said...

this book is great!! Reese now sleeps from 10pm to 5:30am, then goes back to bed until 8am after feeding!! I am loving it sooo much!!

Erin said...

Ok I am doing this too. Reagan is a BAD sleeper as well, its TERRIBLE! We started about 2 weeks ago, as well as putting her in her crib, we spoiled her and kept her in her bassinet. We LOVED having her in our room! Things are so much better! Problem with Reagan is she is a belly sleeper, I know everything says NO NO NO, but its the ONLY ways she would sleep so we went with it. But now she can roll over, so she flips to her back and is stuck there screaming. So I have to go in and turn her back over onto her belly. We slowing let her start crying it out and she is doing much better, thank goodness!! Isn't the WORST feeling just letting them scream, ugh I have to walk away and not listen, otherwise I give in!!

p.s. Being a stay at home Mommy, you become SO attached! Can't wait to meet that sweet boy, what a doll. What is it with all these boys younger than Reagan? I guess she will just have to learn to like younger men! ;)