Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday and Super Bowl Fun!

Cockroft Annual Super Bowl Game 2009
I had a wonderful weekend with my little family!! We went to Mi Cocina at the Shops of Legacy for some good Mexican food and a tasty margarita!! Then, I went to have a pedicure while Allen watched the kiddos....after that, we had a good long walk, went to the park and then Ginny and Allen made me a birthday cake!! It was very yummy!! I cannot believe another year has past. My birthday is a special day because last year I found out I was pregnant with Reesey! What a special surprise!!
Super Bowl Sunday....well the boys had their annual football game and it was HILARIOUS!! They are getting older and well, slower! ha! The MVP trophy sat in our study for a year and now it has been passed along (thank GOODNESS)....it really didnt go with my decor! :) We had a great time at the Cockrofts and then went to the Orendains for some more fun and to watch the game! Overall, it was a very busy weekend but we had a great time!!! Reese enjoyed seeing his little buddy, Brayden who is a month younger than Reese. The cute thing is that John and Allen grew up together and are great friends...now their sons can become buds and play on the football field together some day!
Daddy and Reese
Jon with son, Brayden and My boys
Ginny had the right idea....BARBIES!!!