Thursday, September 16, 2010

little brown footprints

Allen has this thing about "boys airing out" so this morning Reese was airing out and was running around diaperless. We take this opportunity to talk about the potty and what goes in the potty hoping that Reese will get it and go teetee or potty in there. Allen took Ginny to school since this morning has been pretty chaotic. We got a continuous call at 5:20AM from a dallas number and after calling back 2 times we found out that it was just a wrong number. We were ALL up and wide awake and had settle back in to sleep which was soooo hard. SO, needless to say, we didnt ALL wake up until 8:30AM and Ginny has to be at school at 9AM, NICE! So, it was like a scene from Home Alone around here were we are all yelling and trying to get everyone out of the door.
In the morning, Reese watches a show and I check my emails, facebook, blogger etc. He ran into the playroom that is off our kitchen and I heard him coloring on the chalkboard. Remember the AIRING out thing, yeah, well I should have known. Well, he came to me and was saying, "yuck" and pointing to his foot. I checked the TOP of his foot and everything seemed ok and he ran to keep playing in his playroom.
I saw him running into the living room where his potty was and thought to myself, "He is gonna do this and I will get the Mommy of the Year award for teaching my son to be potty trained before TWO". Then, I heard PLOP PLOP PLOP and Reese was standing up.........Then, with such excitement he raised his hands and said, "I DID IT". See...he picked up his poop and ran into the living room to PLACE it into the potty and to little Reese, mission was accomplished. It took 2 seconds to look down and see little poop foot prints everywhere! Footprints and plops of poop covered the hallway and carpet. But, atleast Reese DID IT!!! hahahaha!!! SO cute, but this Mommy is thinking that we will wait for potty training for a couple of months since cleaning up this morning was an hour project. I would have taken pictures but none of my friends would want to have their girls date Reese because it was such a think of little brown footprints and there you go!



Jenn Pitts said...

Haha, I LOVE this story!! That is just too cute - you just never know what those little boys are going to do next!! =)

Mary Beth and Travis said...

oh noooooooo!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha......the fun stories never end. Good luck with potty training!!!!