Sunday, September 5, 2010


So many new and exciting things happening in our home!

Ginny LOVES her school, Kids of the Kingdom in the Woodlands! She has met some fabulous friends and everyday she has the biggest smile on her face! Ginny is my child that LOVES homework, loves to read, loves to learn so everyday that she goes to KOK (Tues, Wednes and Thurs) she is super excited. I barely get a kiss when she walks in the door because she has morning duties to take care of.....put her folder up, backpack up etc....she is so responsible it is just crazy! So responsible that tonight she gave me a HUGE hug and said, "thank you Mommy for teaching me how to organize...I love to organize." How funny is that?! She spent her Sunday evening organizing her jewelry box, her bow drawer and even helped Mommy clean out her closet to make room for Fall things! WOW! I just love a girl with organization! We went to Container Store and stocked up on fun things for organizing and had a blast. Where were my two boys when this was taken place??! They were downstairs playing soccer and messing up the house. Clearly, the girls and boys in this household are COMPLETELY different! Other than that, she wants a sister sooooooo bad that I dont know WHAT she is going to do if she has a little bother...I mean brother. ha! It was so cute because tonight we went through all her clothes and she made a stack to give to her sister. Bless her heart! We will tackle this obstacle if it is a boy, but until then in Ginny's little mind the Rosenbaum house will be ruled by PINK come March 2011.

He is ALL BOY!!!!!!!!!! Like, play in the dirt, messy face, wants to be naked all the time...BOY! He has a low voice and growls at everything! He is difficult to take out to eat, difficult to put in his car seat, difficult to change a diaper..DIFFICULT! BUT, I LOVE it! I love his little challenges and I love that everyday he brings something new to our family. We work best when challenged and Reese is just that! He adores football, LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba and loves to run run run! He also is going to the same school as Ginny but only one day a week. I am THAT parent that is emailing/calling/begging etc for an extra day. One day a week, really?!! He LOVES school as well and it my heart melt the other day when I picked him up and he was dressed as a fireman! HOW CUTE! He loves his "friends" and everytime he leaves he says, BYE FRIENDS! I have been stopped by hundreds of people asking how old he was since he talks like a three year old. I mean, the babble, no one words...he is sentences! Here are some of Reese's favorite phrases.

" I want (fill in the blank)" but it is normally, milk, Wubbie, Yo Gabi, eat.
"GigEm Aggies"
"I'll get it"
"Be right back"
"Eat, please"
"Shake your booty" (learned this from the song)
"Mommy, I am Nakie"...yes, he LOVES being naked and sharing it to the world!

The kid can point to anything and name it...for example here are some of the crazy things he can identify:
Soccer Ball
Butterfly, bee, ant
Potty (ha, this one cracks me up because he knows all about it but wont use it!)
Other kids dirty diapers (he says," Mommy...ushie", and points at other kids
Anything food related...he knows em all
I cannot even think right now of the others but Reese is constantly talking. He says phrases that normal little ones dont say and it trips people out! I must say that NO we dont work with him on words...he gets it all from Ginny! Ginny and Reese carry on full conversations and it is so adorable.

Baby #3-
I am almost 12 weeks and thank the Lord that I am almost through this first trimester. I have been sooooo soooo sick. I would throw up like every other day and then for a week every other hour and then now it is slowing down to a couple times a week but I am always nauseas! I dont have time to stop and rest....I just keep going! I have thrown up in grocery stores, on the side of the road, hotel bathrooms, preschool bathrooms, you name it! I just get it down and keep going! I cannot say, "Kids, mommy is sick today so I am just gonna lay in bed all day." NOPE. Doesnt work! Did I mention I LOVE LOVE Zofran!?!?!! It really has helped out a lot!!!! What a miracle drug for Mommys that have morning sickness. We heard the heartbeat the on Sept. 2nd and all is well...measured at 175 BPM. Seems really high but the doc said that baby is very healthy! It looks like my due date is more like March 24th but we all know that I have it embedded in my mind that my babies dont go full term. Like, I will harass the doc to get that baby out two weeks before! Mark.My.Words.... I am not a natural birthing person, I think medicines, epidurals, IVs are there for people like me so I should use them to the greatest effect! Baby #3....we love you already and cannot wait til Oct. 6th when I find out BOY or GIRL!!

Of course, the night is getting late so Allen, sweetie...I love you and sorry I am not writing a paragraph about you! There is nothing really excited other than that we are super excited for fall, football, holidays and baby appointments!

Did I mention my baby brother, Tyler is getting married this weekend!??!!!! I cannot believe this BUT Shannon and Ty are adorable together! I cannot wait to share pics with you from the weekend!!!! We have 6 days til the big day!!