Monday, January 18, 2010

Some things THIS Momma Cannot live without

My life is chaotic...seriously! When you have a active four year old, a toddler (15 months) and a new business you are try to get up and running life seems a little crazy at times. Every second I try to enjoy, breathe and dont sweat the small stuff.....AND, I am lucky that I have a great husband and amazing family support!

1. My housekeeper (they come every other week....until this month, I think I am going to have to UP the frequency)
2. My gym membership (a little workout is the best way to get re energized for the day)
3. My God (His faith and trust gets me through) ...AND NO, my housekeeper and gym membership arent MORE important than my Heavenly Father.... He rules my life these days!
3. Starbucks (I LOVE me some Nonfat, 2 equal Tazo Chai)
4. Photoshop CS4...EDITING IS MY LIFE these days!!
5. The Crock Pot....(God's gift to a busy mom!)
6. Diet Coke!!!!
7. Reality TV...good laughs, I am a sucker!
8. My church, Preston Trail Community Church....
9. Ginny's trampoline...she goes outside and jumps for babysitter
10. My Dyson Vaccuum.. I have a 80 pound white lab...enough said.
11. Chic Fil A (my kids are IN LOVE)
12. Soy Milk (My son has killer poops when he drinks regular milk...Lactose issues)
13. My metabolism (for the way I eat...I should be 300 pounds)
14. Veggies and Hummus (a quick fix for my kids for any snack)
15. Vinegar Windex (this house needs it everyday)
16. Pacifiers for my teething boy
17. My Massage Envy membership (I got this from massage a month is fact, I am going tonight at 8pm)
18. My families beach house in Port A...HEAVEN ON EARTH
19. My parents....I dont know what I would do with out them
20. The Bullet Food Processor...when things are too big for the kids to eat..CHOP CHOP CHOP!!
21. Kristin Webber (if I need anything she is there for me!)
22. WIPES (my son POOPS non stop and he is a boy..messy face city)
23. document my kids and all that they do
24. Yoga ( every Wednesday at 10AM...I need it!)
25. HOW COULD I FORGET...My Nikon D300, it is my third child!
26. Bread to feed the ducks every day when we take our walks
27. Prozac, Xanax...(totally kidding....I am not on these things..thought it would be funny though)
28. My Scentsy candle to trick Allen into thinking I cleaned (I stick in Lemongrass and it smells like a clean home)
29. XM Radio, The Message....God touches my heart in the car when I am about to go insane!
30. My husband....
31. Adoption...or we wouldnt have a prissy four year old diva
32. Reese, sometimes...haha..totally this little stinker
33. a nice glass of wine in the PM....

I am Blessed beyond words....not everyday is easy, I have a short temper and I am trying to work on that. God has a plan for our family and we shall see what that entails. Our lives are about to change (if all goes as planned) and I am nervous as can be....But, I certainly have Faith...something I definitely Cannot Live Without.