Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rosie Toes Photography Sessions

Friends and Family-

Until I get my website up and running (this should be my next project) is the lowdown on pictures. I am running this "deal" until I get all my kinks worked out so if you are interested in having a shoot with this price please let me know ASAP as I am almost booked up until March (I can fit people in, here and there if you need something before that!) Like I said, contact me and we will talk!

What your service includes:
-1-2 hours of shooting (backdrops, outfits, accessories...whatever you want...we will just PLAY)
-proofing and editing (since editing takes up around 4-5 hours per family your pics will be able to proof within a week of shooting....I normally get soo anxious and get these out in a day or two to be honest)
-all your EDITED IMAGES (that means about 40-60 images in color and black and white) on a high resolution CD....this means you can get your photos printed (under an 8X10) processed at any photo center (Wolf, Ritz Camera, Walgreens, Walmart etc). Anything over 8x10 I will work with you to process this with an outside company. This will ALL CHANGE once I get my company rolling but for now, if you book with me...all images you can basically print huh?!?!
-Travel fee/Babysitting- Do I bring my two kids to your session to so YOU can take care of them? HECK NO! haha...I get asked if I bring my kids to sessions...that just makes me giggle! so I have to pay someone to watch a sister out...also gas isnt free, ya know! :)
-FUN FUN FUN......I love candid shots, nothing stuffy, nothing serious...FUN FUN FUN!

What to wear:
-Like I said, everything is soooo candid.......dont worry about matching your whole family or that "perfect outfit"...for little ones, I prefer them to be comfortable and diaper pics turn out the BEST! For kiddos, anything that they can goof around in! Nothing stuffy!

ALL FOR $150!
If you want to book a session from now until the summer contact me ASAP!
Tele: 214-886-9868
I cannot wait to have fun with your family and to capture moments that can NEVER be replaced!


Holly Bailey said...

Hello! My name is Holly Bailey and I was wondering where you are located. I would be interested in getting my daughter's two year pictures taken if you still have an opening.