Friday, February 4, 2011

Visit to Labor and Delivery


So last night (Feb. 3rd) I was feeling this crazy cramping going on. I could not control it....bath, water, name it. I went to bed and thought nothing of it. Around 6:30AM I woke up in pain. Not crazy contraction pain but this menstrual-like pain that wrapped around to my back. I got up, had a bowl of Raisin Bran and then fell asleep on the couch.

We all slept in until 9:15AM!! It was heaven except for the lingering pains I was having so we headed over to Memorial Hermann. Poor Allen had to watch the kids and whatnot in the waiting room. Nurses would ask over and over "is someone with you??"...I felt pretty teen-mom-ish so I called Allen in the kids back with me so I could justify my pregnancy! ha!

They did a stress test and of course it was showing mild contractions. I had to drink tons of water and lay there for about 3 hours. NOT FUN! The kids did great and just sat there. Reese would not look at me, touch me, acknowledge was so weird and I guess he is giving us a glimpse of what is to come in 5-6 weeks (hopefully). The noises, the machines, the cords freaked.him.out!!!

Finley looked great, moved great, heart was great!!! As far as I was concerned I could have "peaced out" then since that is all I really cared about! But, NO...more observations. :(

Long story short, I am having "uterine irritations". What the heck is that?? I mean, I have "mommy irritations" everyday but I cannot just press timeout and take a bedrest from life. But, apparently with uterine irritations everything has to be PAUSED until it settles. Furthermore, I am on locked down for the weekend. Temporary bedrest. Boredom. Anxiousness. Bedrest. We will call Monday and see what Dr. Westmoreland wants me to do. I am sure she will say, "you may now get back to your crazy life of photo-shoots, two kids, gymnastics and activities 3 days a week, cleaning, laundry and cooking"...HA! Looks like from here on out I have GOT to take care of myself.

Keep you posted, friends. And pray for my "uterine irritations" as well as all my other daily irritations! :)


Joanna said...

Prayers for your uterus- ha! Sorry you've had a rough go of it lately, yes ma'am, slow your self down and take care of mama right now! She'll be here before you know it! :)