Friday, February 4, 2011

My funny girl

This morning I could NOT stop laughing. This might sound inappropriate and outrageous but it was the the funniest thing especially after the crazy day we had.

Ginny- (while brushing her hair and looking in the mirror) says to herself: Gosh, my balls hurt.

Me- WHAT?!?!!!!

Ginny- Mommy, I said my balls hurt.


Ginny- You know, Mommy, the "hangy balls in your throat" You know, Mommy, when you talk they shake.

Me- I love you Ginny!

Enough said. Ginny's balls hurt, you know, the balls in your throat.


Jenn Pitts said...

Lindsay - I hope you feel better soon and can get up out of that bed!! Will be praying... And oh my gosh, this post made me laugh SOOO hard!!! I can just picture your face, that is hilarious!!!