Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I dont even know where to begin

Here are some pics to document the month of August...we have been sooooo busy!!!!
Sassafras and Me!
Beach BUM!

Daddy and Reese!

GiGi and Ginny found a hermit crab...one of many!

My grandmother, MorMor....dont I have great GENES!!! She turned 80, August 22nd! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORMOR!

Shannon graduated from Texas A&M, Majored in Education! WHOOP! She is a 3rd grade teacher at Forest Lane Academy!

Daddy and Ginny at TOPGOLF one Sunday afternoon!

The fam at the beach!!

My kids ADORE the sand!

Me and the hubby at Fireside Pies! YUM!

We have been so busy!!! Shannon's graduation, fun at Gigi's, beach house, playdates, planning a birthday party for Reese AND Ginny....the list goes on!!


Stephanie said...

Hey Lindsay,

This is so random, but I saw on you blog that your friend Shannon is teaching 3rd grade at FLA. Anyway, since I taught first grade there two years ago for two years, she will likely have some of my kiddos this year! Anyway, just thought that was a random tid-bit. Hope you're doing well! Your family is gorgeous!

Stephanie (Blackburn) Coultas

the rosenbaums said...


Hey girl!! Yes, Sarah Smith reminded me of this earlier! I would love for you to talk to her and encourage her! She has had a rough week...shoot her an email..that would be sooo kind of you! Maybe yall can exchange names and talk abotu the students...giving her a heads up! :)

Hope all is well girl!